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SS7049 : Sunrise behind Castle Rock by Ian Capper
SS7349 : East Lyn Beeches, 3 by Jonathan Billinger
SS7149 : South West Coast Path by M J Richardson
SS7049 : Castle Rock by Ian Capper
SS7147 : St Bartholomew's Church, Barbrook by Ian Capper
SS7249 : Hide and Stride in Lynmouth by Basher Eyre
SS7249 : River Lyn and Lynmouth by Rupert Fleetingly
SS7147 : St Bartholomew Church, Barbrook by Guy Wareham
SS7149 : Going Down by Roger Gittins
SS7147 : Welcome sign for Lynton and Lynmouth by David Smith
SS7049 : The coastal path at The Valley of Rocks, walking towards Lynton by Derek Voller
SS7249 : River Lyn, Lynmouth by Philip Halling
SS6949 : Stream in 'The Wilderness' by Roger Cornfoot
SS7048 : Dean Farmhouse by Ian Capper
SS7149 : Cavendish Place, Lynton by Jaggery
SS7249 : Bonnicott Guest House in Watersmeet Road by Basher Eyre
SS6949 : Lee Abbey from the North by Stephen Craven
SS7049 : Middle Gate by M J Richardson
SS6949 : Road to the beach 3-Lee Abbey, North Devon by Martin Richard Phelan
SS6947 : Pasture on Caffyns Heanton Down by Graham Horn
SS7249 : Path passing the tennis courts at the bottom of Countisbury Hill by Basher Eyre
SS7149 : Lynton : Queen Street by Lewis Clarke
SS7049 : Feral goats, Valley of Rocks by Ian Capper
SS7147 : Hairpin bend on the A39 by Roger Cornfoot
SS7249 : Lynton & Lynmouth Cliff Railway by M J Richardson
SS6948 : Stream through Bonhill Wood by Philip Halling
SS7147 : Turning for Sparhanger by Roger Cornfoot
SS7149 : Exmoor Gateway by Anthony Vosper
SS7349 : View over Sillery Sands towards The Foreland by David Lally
SS7250 : Lyn Mouth and the Bristol Channel by M J Richardson
SS6949 : Lee Bay by Ian Capper
SS7249 : Lynmouth : Lynton and Lynmouth Cliff Railway by Lewis Clarke
SS7348 : Atlantic Salmon by Rupert Fleetingly
SS6949 : Jenny's Cove grotto 3 - Lee Abbey, North Devon by Martin Richard Phelan
SS7047 : Lynton and Barnstaple Railway - Disused Railway Cutting by Barrie Cann
SS7247 : West Lyn Road by Roger Cornfoot
SS7249 : Harbour wall by Richard Croft
SS6949 : To Lee Abbey main entrance 2-North Devon by Martin Richard Phelan
SS7249 : Confluence of East and West Lyn Rivers, Lynmouth by Ruth Sharville
SS7248 : Beggars Roost Inn and Exmoor Manor Hotel by Ian Capper
SS7148 : Lynton & Lynmouth Station (converted) by Ben Brooksbank
SS6947 : Croscombe Lane by Ian Capper
SS7149 : Former stables of the Valley of the Rocks Hotel by Martin Tester
SS6949 : Lee Bay by Michael Garlick
SS7249 : Village Inn and shops in Lynmouth by Robin Lucas
SS6949 : Car park at Lee Bay by Graham Horn
SS7248 : Cows having a drink near West Lyn by Bill Boaden
SS7048 : Lydiate Lane by Ian Capper
SS7049 : Castle Rock by Ian Capper
SS6948 : Path in Six Acre Wood by Graham Horn
SS7249 : Lynmouth Harbour and Rhenish Tower by Maurice Clements
SS7249 : Lynton's Cliff Railway by charles
SS7249 : Lynton-Lynmouth Cliff Railway by Janine Forbes
SS7049 : The White Lady, Valley of the Rocks by Philip Halling
SS7248 : Waterfall, Glen Lyn Gorge by Rob Farrow
SS7049 : The White Lady, Castle Rock by Janine Forbes
SS7249 : Funicular Rail-track by Roger Gittins

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