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SS8593 : Footbridge over the River Llynfi, Spelter, Maesteg by Jaggery
SS8690 : The Garth name sign, Maesteg by Jaggery
SS8589 : Llan Road at Cwmfelin village boundary by Colin Pyle
SS8593 : Woodlands in Dyffryn. by Jamie Murphy
SS8491 : Site of Former Neath Rd Railway Station, Maesteg by David Lewis
SS8593 : Entrance to Spelter Industrial Estate near Maesteg by Jaggery
SS8590 : Ewenny Road railway station, Maesteg by Jaggery
SS8491 : The Beginnings of the Forge Industrial Estate, Maesteg by David Lewis
SS8791 : Cwmdu by Jamie Murphy
SS8390 : Track blocked by fallen tree by Alan Hughes
SS8591 : Welsh Language Playgroup building in Maesteg by Jaggery
SS8589 : Warning sign - pedestrians, Llan Road, Cwmfelin by Jaggery
SS8591 : Asda Supermarket in Maesteg by Jaggery
SS8591 : Zoar Avenue, Maesteg by Jaggery
SS8792 : Hillside above Nant Cwmdu by Alan Hughes
SS8591 : Train crosses above the B4282 in Maesteg by Jaggery
SS8592 : Nantyffyllon Institute viewed from the north by Jaggery
SS8791 : Public Footpath at Blaen Cwmdu by Alan Hughes
SS8591 : Commercial Street, Maesteg by Colin Pyle
SS8591 : Low railway bridge in Maesteg by Jaggery
SS8792 : Forested valley at the head of Cwm Du by eswales
SS8391 : Maesteg Golf Club by Alan Hughes
SS8789 : Part of the Darren Valley Near Maesteg by David Lewis
SS8690 : St Mary the Virgin, Troedrhiwgarth, Maesteg by Jaggery
SS8593 : Afon Llynfi flows past a football ground in Caerau by Jaggery
SS8390 : Tuag at Riwlas / Towards Rhiwlas by Alan Richards
SS8589 : Maiden Street, Cwmfelin by Jaggery
SS8592 : Dragon House, Nantyffyllon  by Jaggery
SS8790 : Nant Cwm-du passing through woodland (2) by eswales
SS8690 : Nant y Twlc, Garth, Maesteg by Jaggery
SS8692 : Summit of Mynydd Pwll yr Iwrch by Alan Hughes
SS8589 : Blinds Express, Maesteg Road, Maesteg by Jaggery
SS8591 : Bridgend Road houses in Maesteg by Jaggery
SS8792 : Fencepost on Mynydd Pwll yr Iwrch by Alan Hughes
SS8790 : Track, Cwm Du with view to the north by eswales
SS8689 : Vacant former Crown Stores on a Garth corner by Jaggery
SS8392 : Afan Forest by Alan Hughes
SS8590 : Across Ewenny Road railway bridge, Maesteg by Jaggery
SS8591 : Maesteg Castle Street railway station (site), Bridgend by Nigel Thompson
SS8491 : Sticil Bryn Mawr stile, Maesteg by Alan Richards
SS8691 : Greens van, Cemetery Road, Maesteg by Jaggery
SS8693 : A view of Mynydd Pwll-yr-Iwrch by eswales
SS8392 : B4282 Neath Road heading west by Colin Pyle
SS8389 : Forestry track by Alan Hughes
SS8591 : River Llynfi flows away from Meadow Street footbridge, Maesteg by Jaggery
SS8789 : Alternative Energy by Alan Hughes
SS8589 : Bryn Celyn, Maesteg by Jaggery
SS8492 : Nantyffyllon: Picton Street houses at the Nantyffyllon Terrace junction by Jaggery
SS8392 : Old Railway Truck by John Finch
SS8490 : Cwrt Llynfi, Maesteg by John Lord
SS8491 : Maesteg General View by David Lewis
SS8491 : Part of the Maesteg Sports Centre by David Lewis
SS8691 : Maesteg Cemetery by Chris Shaw
SS8789 : River Llynfi by Chris Shaw
SS8591 : The Cast Iron 'Talbot Bridge,' Maesteg by David Lewis
SS8491 : Entrance to Maesteg RFC ground by Jaggery
SS8591 : Hartshorn House, Maesteg. by David Lewis

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