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SD9702 : St John the Baptist Church, Roughtown by David Dixon
SD9900 : Bridleway near Calico Crescent by Gerald England
SD9901 : Steps, Cowbury Dale by David Dixon
SD9702 : Mossley Railway Station by David Dixon
SD9903 : Houses on Manchester Road (A635) by JThomas
SD9703 : View from Quick Edge (5) by David Dixon
SD9901 : Path, Cowbury Green, Carrbrook by JThomas
SD9702 : Wide section of Huddersfield Narrow Canal by Chris Morgan
SD9900 : Grouse butt on Turf Pits by Bill Boaden
SD9702 : Mossley Station by Gerald England
SJ9999 : Pennine Bridleway, Brushes by David Dixon
SD9701 : The Bridge Inn by Gerald England
SJ9899 : Walkerwood Reservoir, Dam and Valve Tower by David Dixon
SD9501 : East of Knott Hill Farm by John Topping
SD9802 : Abney United Reformed Church by Bill Boaden
SD9800 : Carrbrook Heritage Trail by John Topping
SD9801 : Huddersfeld Road (B6175) at its junction with Abney Grange by Peter Wood
SJ9999 : Brushes Reservoir by Peter McDermott
SD9501 : Greenhurst Clough by John Topping
SD9600 : Hazelhurst:  The 'Junction Inn' by Dr Neil Clifton
SD9502 : Little Lees Farm from the Oldham Way footpath by Michael Fox
SD9700 : Lock 9W, Huddersfield Narrow Canal by Chris Morgan
SD9602 : Hartshead Pike by Peter McDermott
SD9901 : Valve Tower, Cowbury Reservoir by David Dixon
SD9702 : St Josephs by Gerald England
SD9903 : Houses on Manchester Road - Greenfield by Anthony Parkes
SD9503 : Wildmoor Avenue in Holts, Oldham by Steven Haslington
SD9803 : The Pennine Bridleway near Noonsun Hill by Dave Kelly
SD9800 : Buckton Vale by Gerald England
SD9701 : Below lock 12W on the Huddersfield Narrow Canal by Graham Hogg
SD9502 : Twirl Hill Road by JThomas
SD9703 : Stockport Road (A670) by JThomas
SD9702 : Mossley, diesel unit by Mike Faherty
SD9801 : An entrance to Stalybridge Country Park by Bill Boaden
SD9501 : Looking up to Hartshead Green by Bill Boaden
SJ9999 : Walkerwood Reservoir by David Dixon
SD9901 : Looking west over Carrbrook by John Topping
SD9703 : Reflections in the canal by Carol Walker
SD9701 : North portal inside Scout Tunnel, Huddersfield Narrow Canal by Chris Morgan
SD9602 : Detail of The Tower, at Hartshead Pike by Steven Haslington
SD9903 : White Lee by John Slater
SJ9899 : Autumn colour at Walkerwood Reservoir by Raymond Knapman
SD9802 : Abney URC by David Dixon
SD9600 : Gorsey Lane by David Dixon
SD9503 : Lees New Road, Holts by michael ely
SD9803 : Saddleworth Cricket Club Pavilion by BatAndBall
SD9602 : Mossley Parish Church of St George, Graveyard by Alexander P Kapp
SJ9899 : Lower Brushes Valley by Gerald England
SD9501 : Hartshead Green by Dennis Turner
SD9900 : Stonemead, Carrbrook by Martin Clark
SD9601 : The Hare and Hounds, Luzley, Ashton under Lyne by Martin Clark
SD9602 : Hartshead Pike, Ashton under Lyne by Martin Clark
SD9602 : The Colliers Arms, Hartshead Pike by michael ely
SD9502 : Hartshead Pike from Twirl Hill Road by Martin Clark
SD9600 : The Junction Inn, Hazelhurst, Ashton under Lyne by Martin Clark
SD9800 : Carrbrook, Stalybridge by Martin Clark
SD9902 : Buckton Moor by Martin Clark
SD9702 : Mossley, Lancashire by Martin Clark

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