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SN1230 : Craig Talfynydd by Alan Richards
SN1230 : Talfynydd Hill in the Preselis by Deborah Tilley
SN1430 : The baptistry of Bethel Chapel by Bill Boaden
SN1329 : Western standing stone at Gors Fawr by ceridwen
SN1530 : Henbarc Farm, Mynachlog-ddu by Dylan Moore
SN1330 : Little tin shed on Rhos Fach by ceridwen
SN1330 : Cattle grid by Marion Phillips
SN1330 : Rhos Fach by Jeremy Owen
SN1430 : Capel Bethel, Mynachlog Ddu. by Alan Richards
SN1530 : Llethrau Foel Dyrch by Alan Richards
SN1230 : The way up by ceridwen
SN1329 : Gors Fawr stone circle by Richard Law
SN1330 : House on Rhos Fach by ceridwen
SN1330 : Bluestone pillar on Rhos Fach by Bill Boaden
SN1230 : Ponies below Carn Siân by Bill Boaden
SN1430 : Children's playground in Mynachlog-ddu by Richard Law
SN1329 : The view looking SSE from close to the Gors Fawr  stone circle by pennyghael2
SN1330 : Cofio/remembering  Waldo Williams by ceridwen
SN1330 : Ancient standing stones by Marion Phillips
SN1230 : Sunday afternoon car maintenance by ceridwen
SN1430 : Ty Canol in Mynachclog-ddu by ceridwen
SN1230 : Sheep keeping off the road by Bill Boaden
SN1330 : Cors Tewgyll by Rob Bainbridge
SN1430 : Bethel Chapel, Mynachlog-ddu by Bill Boaden
SN1329 : Moorland fire scene by Marion Phillips
SN1430 : Bethel Chapel by Roger W Haworth
SN1429 : Workings on the old quarry site by Richard Law
SN1329 : Rushy field by Marion Phillips
SN1330 : Mynydd Preseli hills and Waldo Williams. by Derek Voller
SN1329 : Looking NNE from Gors Fawr stone circle by Richard Law
SN1430 : Entering Mynachlog-ddu by ceridwen
SN1430 : Ffynnon-wen by ceridwen
SN1329 : Stone Circle Gors Fawr by Gordon Hatton
SN1330 : A new standing stone by Richard Law
SN1430 : Tin extension in Mynachlog-ddu by ceridwen
SN1429 : Abandoned farm machinery by Richard Law
SN1330 : The new Bluestone monolith by Derek Voller
SN1330 : Preseli Bluestones by Rude Health
SN1330 : Looking West towards Foel Cwmcerwyn by Derek Voller
SN1330 : Open air service, Rhos Fach by ceridwen
SN1329 : Standing stones and circle at Gors Fawr by Bob Helms
SN1230 : Following sheep to the car park by Bill Boaden
SN1430 : Former garage in Mynachlog-ddu by Bill Boaden
SN1330 : Bluestone Pillar, Preseli Hills by Becky Williamson
SN1230 : Pony, foal and gorse on the slopes of Talfynydd by ceridwen
SN1329 : Sheep at Gors Fawr stone circle by ceridwen
SN1330 : Rhos Fach by Bill Boaden
SN1330 : Maen carreglas / Bluestone pillar by Alan Richards
SN1329 : Between the Standing Stones by Richard Law
SN1330 : Preseli by Ruth Jowett

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