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SS7499 : Main Road, Bryn-coch by Alex McGregor
SS7597 : Grade II listed Llewellyn Almshouses, Neath by Jaggery
SS7295 : The Harvester by Alan Hughes
SS7597 : Victoria Gardens, Neath by Robert Davies
SS7597 : This & That in Neath town centre by Jaggery
SS7695 : Valley View by Jane Thomas
SS7297 : Row of houses, Old Road, Skewen by Jaggery
SS7597 : A rooftop view of Neath by Robert Davies
SS7397 : Bethlehem Road, Skewen by Geographer
SS7299 : Ordnance Survey Cut Mark by Adrian Dust
SS7598 : Cottage with a tower, Cadoxton by Jaggery
SS7597 : The American Candy Store, Neath by Jaggery
SS7296 : Struthers Pentecostal Church by Alan Hughes
SS7597 : SE end of Rosser Street, Neath by Jaggery
SS7697 : Bend in Llantwit Road, Llantwit, Neath by Jaggery
SS7598 : Penywern Road bungalows, Neath by Jaggery
SS7596 : Henry Street, Neath by Jaggery
SS7699 : Ordnance Survey Cut Mark by Adrian Dust
SS7499 : Start of the National Speed Limit along the A474 at the edge of Bryncoch by Jaggery
SS7497 : Tesco store by Alan Hughes
SS7295 : Remains of Neath Floating Dock by Kevin Griffiths
SS7495 : Ordnance Survey Cut Mark by Adrian Dust
SS7297 : Queens Road, Skewen by Geographer
SS7499 : Main Road bridge over a stream in Bryncoch by Jaggery
SS7596 : Directions sign facing the SW end of the B4434 Eastland Road, Neath by Jaggery
SS7696 : Looking across Cimla Common towards the Fire Station by John Lord
SS7397 : Cross Keys Hotel, Neath Abbey by Geographer
SS7399 : St. Matthew's Church, Dyffryn by Dai Bevan
SS7297 : Dynevor Close, Skewen by Jaggery
SS7598 : Warning sign - roundabout, Cadoxton Road, Neath by Jaggery
SS7597 : Neath Station by Martin Addison
SS7297 : Calfaria Baptist Chapel, Skewen by Jaggery
SS7597 : Woodfield House, Castle Walk,  Neath  by Jaggery
SS7596 : Nisa Local, Briton Ferry Road, Neath by Jaggery
SS7597 : Careers Wales office and Boots Pharmacy, Water Street, Neath by Jaggery
SS7297 : Sunnyland Crescent, Skewen by Jaggery
SS7597 : B&Q Neath by Jaggery
SS7495 : Ordnance Survey Rivet by Adrian Dust
SS7496 : Jasmine Spice, Neath by Jaggery
SS7598 : Information board outside the Parish Church of St Catwg, Cadoxton by Jaggery
SS7695 : Bridge across Crythan Brook, Bwlch Rd by John Lord
SS7597 : Bilingual name sign Green Street/Stryd y Maes, Neath by Jaggery
SS7595 : Old drift entrance at Cwm Pandy by Lloyd Williams
SS7297 : B4290 Old Road, Skewen by Geographer
SS7498 : 30 to 20 along Penywern Road near Bryncoch by Jaggery
SS7698 : Neath Road bilingual name sign, Tonna by Jaggery
SS7296 : Swingbridge over the River Neath by Cedwyn Davies
SS7596 : Rookwood electricity substation in Neath by Jaggery
SS7698 : Grade II (star) Listed Parish Church of St Illtyd, Llantwit, Neath    by Jaggery
SS7699 : Detached houses at the southern end of Rosser Terrace, Cilfrew by Jaggery
SS7399 : St. Matthew's Church, Dyffryn by Cedwyn Davies
SS7696 : Cimla Common by Cedwyn Davies
SS7497 : Remains of Roman Fort of Nidum (Neath) by Cedwyn Davies
SS7597 : Plaque on John Gibb's Almshouse by Robert Davies
SS7595 : The Incline at Briton Ferry by Cedwyn Davies
SS7699 : Tuck Shop, Main Road, Cadoxton by Jaggery
SS7596 : 'Stockham's Corner' on the A474 at Neath by Cedwyn Davies

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