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SN3860 : Summer 2013 in New Quay/Ceinewydd by Steve  Fareham
SN4059 : St Ina's Church, Llanina by John Lucas
SN3960 : Harbour, New Quay by habiloid
SN4059 : Dylan Thomas Trail, number 11 by chris whitehouse
SN3658 : Part of the Ceredigion Coast Path by Jeremy Bolwell
SN3959 : Window in a residence by chris whitehouse
SN3860 : The Blue Bell, New Quay by Jaggery
SN3860 : In search of dolphins by Sam Tait
SN3959 : Maes y Pwll trees 3 by chris whitehouse
SN3657 : Footbridge by Chris McAuley
SN4059 : Little Quay Bay from New Quay Bay. by Chris Allen
SN3960 : New Quay harbour by judy
SN3658 : On the Wales Coast Path in summer by Jeremy Bolwell
SN3658 : Cwm Soden Cove by Anthony Parkes
SN3857 : Converted chapel in Cross Inn, Ceredigion by Jeremy Bolwell
SN3759 : Cliffs and hinterland south of Bird's Rock by Zorba the Geek
SN3859 : Old Bank House, Hill Street, New Quay by Jaggery
SN3760 : Carreg Draenog, on the Pembrokeshire coast near New Quay by Gareth James
SN4059 : Cei Bach, Llanina by John Lucas
SN3960 : Beach, harbour and pier by David Pickersgill
SN3758 : Coybal by Anthony Parkes
SN3958 : Footpath junction near Maen-y-groes by Jeremy Bolwell
SN3859 : Old Milestone by the A486, New Quay by Milestone Society
SN4059 : St Ina's Church, Llanina by John Lucas
SN3859 : Weathercock, St Llwchaiarn's Church by Maigheach-gheal
SN3657 : Falls on Afon Soden by Dave Croker
SN3960 : The Harbour New Quay by Peter Jeffery
SN3959 : Information Board 2 by chris whitehouse
SN3759 : Looking north-northeast along the Wales Coast Path by John Baker
SN4059 : Interior, St Ina's Church by Maigheach-gheal
SN3858 : A486 approaches crossroads in Maen-y-groes by Stuart Logan
SN3860 : Rock Street, New Quay by Jaggery
SN3958 : Signs on road to Cross Inn by chris whitehouse
SN3758 : Old wooden kissing gate near Llwynwermod farm by Jeremy Bolwell
SN3759 : A boat-trip vessel passes Traeth y Coubal, Ceredigion by Jeremy Bolwell
SN3759 : Part of the Ceredigion Coast Path above Traeth y Coubal by Jeremy Bolwell
SN3859 : The Black Lion by chris whitehouse
SN3959 : The Cambrian Inn and Restaurant by Eirian Evans
SN4059 : Foreshore at Llanina by John Lucas
SN3659 : Cliff-top near Coybal by Anthony Parkes
SN3759 : Ffarm Penrhyn Farm by Alan Richards
SN3959 : Children's Holiday Park by chris whitehouse
SN3958 : Daffodils and Solar panels by chris whitehouse
SN3860 : Part of the Ceredigion coast, near New Quay by Jeremy Bolwell
SN3860 : Gull at New Quay by John Lucas
SN3959 : Clues for the detectives by chris whitehouse
SN3758 : Llwybr Ceffyl Ty'r Ffynnon Bridleway by Alan Richards
SN3658 : Footbridge on the Wales Coast Path by Eirian Evans
SN4059 : Sign in Llanina by chris whitehouse
SN3859 : Narrow passageway by chris whitehouse
SN3860 : New Quay, Ceredigion, Wales by Steve Chapple
SN4058 : Rosemary Cottage - 'Ty Rhos Mair', Gilfachreda by Rod Attrill
SN3858 : Maenygroes Chapel by Cered
SN4059 : Llanina Church by Cered
SN3860 : New Quayâs fish factory by John Baker
SN3657 : St. Tysilio Church by Cered
SN3860 : Kids getting wet - New Quay by Chris Allen
SN4057 : Motygido Farm by Rod Attrill

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