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SK7953 : Brewery tower by Bob Harvey
SK7954 : Kirk Gate, Newark by Bill Boaden
SK8051 : Walkies along Route 64 by Trevor Rickard
SK7755 : Kelham, A617 by David Dixon
SK8054 : Derelict Almshouses, Northgate, Newark on Trent by Jonathan Thacker
SK7953 : 40-44 Lombard Street by Richard Croft
SK7851 : Church of All Saints, Hawton by Christine Hasman
SK8151 : Benchmark on the tower of St Giles's Church by Roger Templeman
SK7953 : Markham chantry chapel by Richard Croft
SK8051 : Road for the future by Jonathan Thacker
SK7752 : Farndon Ponds Nature Reserve, Farndon, Notts. by David Hallam-Jones
SK7953 : One way street by Bob Harvey
SK8055 : Bishop Alexander School by Jonathan Thacker
SK8054 : East Coast Main Line by Richard Croft
SK7852 : Trent Bridge by Richard Croft
SK8054 : East Coast Mainline by Richard Croft
SK7755 : Flooding close to Kelham Bridge by Jonathan Thacker
SK7953 : Castle Lock by Richard Croft
SK8051 : #115 Hawton Lane by Roger Templeman
SK7851 : Hawton telephone kiosk  by Alan Murray-Rust
SK7953 : Trent floods by Richard Croft
SK8155 : Benchmark on parapet of A46 bridge over A1 by Roger Templeman
SK7851 : Footpath near Top Farm by Trevor Rickard
SK7953 : Newark, Notts (Parnham's Island) by David Hallam-Jones
SK8052 : Bailey Road  by Alan Murray-Rust
SK8151 : Ordnance Survey 1GL Bolt by Adrian Dust
SK7954 : Signal box near Newark Castle Railway Station by JThomas
SK7755 : St.Wilfrid's church, Kelham by Richard Croft
SK7753 : Averham Weir by Graham Hogg
SK8055 : Junction of Winthorpe Road and Park Crescent, Newark by Chris Morgan
SK7755 : Track at Kelham by Richard Croft
SK8153 : Entrance to smallholding off Barnby Road by Roger Templeman
SK7952 : Play Area, Cleveland Green by Alex McGregor
SK8055 : #9 Winthorpe Road by Roger Templeman
SK7753 : Railway viaduct crossing the River Trent by Mat Fascione
SK7854 : Remains of a bonfire by Jonathan Thacker
SK7752 : Marsh Lane by Alan Murray-Rust
SK8052 : Urban art by Richard Croft
SK8152 : Houses on London Road (nos. 129/131/133) by Roger Templeman
SK7955 : Great North Road (A616) towards Newark by JThomas
SK7755 : St Wilfred's church, Kelham by J.Hannan-Briggs
SK7753 : Flood Plain by Richard Croft
SK7953 : Pelham Street by Richard Croft
SK7952 : St Mary's Gardens  by Alan Murray-Rust
SK8154 : Beacon Hill Conservation Park by Richard Croft
SK7851 : Bench mark, Hawton Church by Alan Murray-Rust
SK7753 : Canoeists near Staythorpe Power Station by Trevor Rickard
SK8155 : Currys distribution depot by Richard Croft
SK8053 : Newark Old Hospital by Julian P Guffogg
SK7953 : Clapper gates along the River Trent by Mat Fascione
SK8055 : Newark flat rail crossing by J.Hannan-Briggs
SK7953 : Coach & Horses passage by Richard Croft
SK7955 : British Sugar Factory, Newark by Bob Danylec
SK7953 : Newark Market place by Bob Danylec
SK8053 : Barnby Gate, Newark on Trent by Stephen McKay
SK8054 : Newark Police Station by Bob Danylec
SK7953 : Newark Market Place by Bob Danylec
SK8152 : Grove Comprehensive School, Balderton by Geoff Dunn

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