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NZ2566 : St George's Church, Jesmond by Robert Graham
NZ2464 : Drayman's Way, Newcastle Helix by Graham Robson
NZ2564 : City Pool and City Hall by Peter McDermott
NZ2463 : 'The Rocket' office block above Forth Banks by Andrew Curtis
NZ2563 : Railway bridge beside Askew Road by Trevor Littlewood
NZ2463 : St Mary's Cathedral by Thomas Nugent
NZ2563 : The Keep, Castle Garth, NE1 by Mike Quinn
NZ2464 : Pop-Up Park, Blackett Street, Newcastle by habiloid
NZ2566 : Bell Tower, St George's Church, Jesmond by Paul Gillett
NZ2463 : Newcastle Central railway station by Thomas Nugent
NZ2364 : "Anonymous" (Victorian) postbox, New Mills, NE4 by Mike Quinn
NZ2466 : Graves and building at west side of St. Andrew's Cemetery by Trevor Littlewood
NZ2564 : "River God" by André Wallace (1996), Quayside, Newcastle by habiloid
NZ2565 : Squires Building, Sandyford Road, Newcastle by Stephen Richards
NZ2463 : 44 Westgate Road, Newcastle by Stephen Richards
NZ2563 : The Black Bull in Gateshead by Robert Graham
NZ2766 : Houses, Turbinia Gardens, High Heaton, Newcastle upon Tyne by Graham Robson
NZ2464 : Barrack Road by Anthony Foster
NZ2765 : Garage, Rothbury Terrace, Heaton, Newcastle upon Tyne by Graham Robson
NZ2566 : Suburban road, Jesmond by Robert Graham
NZ2665 : Shops, Heaton Road, Newcastle upon Tyne by Graham Robson
NZ2462 : Path beside Derwentwater Road by JThomas
NZ2664 : A Boat on the Ouse Burn by Bill Henderson
NZ2563 : Baltic Chambers, Newcastle Quayside by Stephen Craven
NZ2464 : St James' Park in Newcastle by Steve Daniels
NZ2763 : St Peter's Marina by David Robinson
NZ2563 : Railway bridge over Hawks Road by Stephen Craven
NZ2466 : Amusement Arcade, Hoppings funfair, Newcastle Town Moor by Graham Robson
NZ2665 : Back Kingsley Place / back Holmside Place by hayley green
NZ2563 : "Swirl" by Colin Rose by Alex McGregor
NZ2366 : Albany Mews, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne by Graham Robson
NZ2664 : The Ship Inn, Stepney Bank, Ouseburn by Andrew Curtis
NZ2766 : Colas maintenance depot, Rothbury Terrace, Newcastle upon Tyne by Graham Robson
NZ2563 : Sign for the Crown Posada, Side, NE1 by Mike Quinn
NZ2362 : National Garden Festival, Gateshead - replica Locomotion locomotive by Chris Allen
NZ2464 : Newcastle's Theatre Royal by Gareth James
NZ2362 : Victoria House by Trevor Littlewood
NZ2366 : Detached houses, Montagu Avenue, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne by Graham Robson
NZ2566 : Chapel interior, St Andrews Cemetery, Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne by Graham Robson
NZ2664 : Ouseburn Graffiti Wall by Andrew Curtis
NZ2563 : Facelift for Tyneside's 'Stone Frigate' by Andrew Curtis
NZ2464 : The Mile Castle on Westgate Road by Steve Daniels
NZ2464 : Looking across Leazes Park lake by Robert Graham
NZ2664 : Ouseburn above the Barrage by Andrew Curtis
NZ2665 : Heaton Road / Rothbury Terrace (2) by Mike Quinn
NZ2766 : Heaton and Byker Spiritualist Church, Newcastle upon Tyne  by Graham Robson
NZ2466 : View down Forsyth Road, Jesmond by Robert Graham
NZ2563 : Bridges over the River Tyne by Steve Daniels
NZ2362 : River Tyne by Anthony Foster
NZ2664 : Maling street and Hume Street by MSX
NZ2664 : Greenhouse, Ouseburn Farm (prev known as Byker farm), Ouseburn by hayley green
NZ2563 : Newcastle Skyline by Matthew Wragg
NZ2463 : Turnbull's Building, Newcastle upon Tyne by Andrew Curtis
NZ2564 : 'Vampire Rabbit', St Nicholas Church Yard by Andrew Curtis
NZ2464 : Peacock Hall, Royal Victoria Infirmary by Andrew Curtis
NZ2464 : St James Park, Newcastle by Robert Cowen
NZ2463 : Under the King Edward VII Bridge by Andrew Curtis
NZ2465 : Exhibition Park Skate Park by MSX

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