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SK8608 : Oakham: crossroads and High Street by John Sutton
SK8508 : Oakham: a bend in Dean's Street by John Sutton
SK8707 : Welcome to Rutland Water by Alan Murray-Rust
SK8410 : Benchmark on 'Old School House' by Roger Templeman
SK8508 : Northgate, Oakham by Michael Trolove
SK8608 : Marketplace, Oakham, 2001 by Derek Harper
SK8707 : Egleton: St. Edmund's Church: The south doorway by Michael Garlick
SK8307 : Fields and sheep by Andrew Tatlow
SK8508 : The Three Crowns, Oakham by Stephen McKay
SK8510 : Countryside north of Oakham from the air by Thomas Nugent
SK8611 : Travellers Rest by Andrew Tatlow
SK8308 : Cold Overton Road towards Oakham by Andrew Tatlow
SK8608 : Ordnance Survey Cut Mark by Peter Wood
SK8411 : Munday's Close by Andrew Tatlow
SK8707 : Egleton: St. Edmund's Church: The very odd north wall with its blind arcade by Michael Garlick
SK8507 : Oakham by Andrew Tatlow
SK8608 : High Street, Oakham by David Howard
SK8409 : Manor Road eastwards by Andrew Tatlow
SK8509 : Welcome to Oakham by Alan Murray-Rust
SK8608 : South transept window, All Saints' church, Oakham by Julian P Guffogg
SK8711 : Bales and track by Andrew Tatlow
SK8610 : Roundabout by Ashwell Prison by Andrew Tatlow
SK8707 : Church of St Edmund, Egleton by Alan Murray-Rust
SK8607 : Oakham to Stamford railway by Andrew Tatlow
SK8608 : The peacock in March by Alan Murray-Rust
SK8411 : Church Street, Langham by Simon Huguet
SK8507 : Brooke Road by Andrew Tatlow
SK8707 : Hambleton Road, Egleton by Richard Vince
SK8307 : Fields and hedge by Andrew Tatlow
SK8707 : Damaged bridge parapet opposite a farm entrance, Church Road, Egleton by Robin Stott
SK8411 : Footpath to cemetery by Andrew Tatlow
SK8611 : Langham Junction Signal Box, Ashwell, Rutland by Terry Butcher
SK8509 : Huntsman Drive by Andrew Tatlow
SK8709 : Crossing Burley Way by Graham Horn
SK8607 : Ditch beside A6003 with brick culvert by Roger Templeman
SK8608 : Chancel, All Saints' church, Oakham by J.Hannan
SK8510 : Evening view of field looking to the west by Andrew Tatlow
SK8509 : Nos. 11 and 9 Main Road by Roger Templeman
SK8410 : The Avenue/Main Road junction by Andrew Tatlow
SK8607 : Rutland hedge by N Chadwick
SK8707 : Bench mark, Orchard Close, Egleton by Alan Murray-Rust
SK8309 : View of Oakham and beyond by Andrew Tatlow
SK8608 : Oakham: All Saints' Church: The North Chapel Ceiling by Michael Garlick
SK8708 : Approaching Dog Kennel Cottage by Graham Horn
SK8407 : British Telecom cable chamber by Andrew Tatlow
SK8707 : Egleton: St. Edmund's Church: The south doorway by Michael Garlick
SK8611 : Travellers by the railway by Andrew Tatlow
SK8608 : Sensory Garden, Oakham by Lisa Batty
SK8307 : Ridge and furrow north of Braunston-in-Rutland: aerial 2018 by Chris
SK8708 : Get off my land by Graham Horn
SK8508 : Oakham signal box by gary faux
SK8608 : Great Hall, Oakham Castle, Oakham by Christine Matthews
SK8608 : Antiques Shop in Mill Street, Oakham by Lisa Batty
SK8608 : Oakham Buttercross & Church by Lisa Batty
SK8508 : Level Crossing, Oakham by Kate Jewell
SK8508 : 13 Westgate, Oakham, Rutland - 1960's by Wendy Sanders
SK8508 : Dean's Street, Oakham by Lisa Batty
SK8608 : Castle Cottage Cafe, Oakham by Kate Jewell

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