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SO9989 : Titford Locks - Lock No 6 - Bottom Lock by John M
SO9988 : Langley Green - offices on Crosswells Road by Dave Bevis
SO9890 : Dudley Road Island by Gordon Griffiths
SP0089 : The M5: heavy rain clouds over Oldbury by Bill Boaden
SO9988 : Langley High Street by David Weston
SO9988 : M5 Motorway Overhead Sign Approaching Junction2. by Roy Hughes
SO9789 : Tower Road View by Gordon Griffiths
SO9790 : Tipton Road Methodist Church, Tividale by Jaggery
SP0089 : Road bridges old and new by Richard Law
SO9889 : Homebase View by Gordon Griffiths
SP0089 : M5 motorway flyover crossing the railway line by Steve  Fareham
SO9888 : Birmingham : City Scenery by Lewis Clarke
SO9689 : City Road, Oakham by David Weston
SO9888 : Oldbury, Churchbridge, Park Street on Left in Distance by Roy Hughes
SO9788 : Portway Hill by Burgess Von Thunen
SO9790 : Houses on Dudley Road East, Tividale by JThomas
SP0088 : The Merrivale, Langley by David Weston
SO9688 : High Masts by Gordon Griffiths
SO9989 : Oldbury, Christ Church by Mike Faherty
SP0089 : M5 and Clock Tower by Peter Bond
SO9989 : Birmingham : DPD Depot by Lewis Clarke
SO9887 : The New Navigation, Langley by Stephen McKay
SO9790 : Bridge over the beginning of the Gower Branch Canal by Stephen Rogerson
SO9988 : The Crosswells Inn by Gordon Griffiths
SO9888 : Toys R Us Oldbury by Gordon Griffiths
SO9790 : Footbridge over Wolverhampton Road by Peter Bond
SO9890 : May your God or Gods be with you by Row17
SO9789 : The Prince of Wales by Gordon Griffiths
SP0088 : B4182 Dogkennel Lane Langley by Roy Hughes
SO9989 : M5 Bridge by Gordon Griffiths
SP0089 : M5 Motorway, West Bromwich by David Dixon
SP0088 : The Bell Inn, Oldbury by Chris Whippet
SO9887 : Ashes Road Bridge by Gordon Griffiths
SO9689 : View Point by Gordon Griffiths
SO9988 : Southbound M5, Exit Sliproad at Junction 2 by David Dixon
SO9889 : Dudley Road (A457) approaching roundabout by JThomas
SO9988 : Langley Maltings by Tim Lloydlangston
SO9788 : Portway junction by Row17
SO9988 : Railway towards Langley Green Station by JThomas
SO9689 : Inside the Netherton Tunnel by Mat Fascione
SO9989 : Gantry over the M5 at Oldbury by Anthony Parkes
SO9790 : Dudley Road Bridge, from the east by Christine Johnstone
SP0089 : Shetland Drive by Peter Whatley
SO9887 : M5 crossing Titford Pool - Titford Canal by John M
SO9890 : Wednesbury Old Canal, from Pudding Green Junction by Christine Johnstone
SO9688 : Turners Hill radio masts by Stephen Rogerson
SO9790 : Britannia Street by Gordon Griffiths
SO9989 : Oldbury Post Office by Jaggery
SO9989 : Recently-built flats, Bromford Road, Oldbury by Jaggery
SO9790 : Gower Branch, looking south by Christine Johnstone
SP0088 : Rood End, Oldbury by David Ellis
SO9988 : Rhodia, Oldbury by Alan Murray-Rust
SO9788 : Portway Hill Farm by Alan Atkins
SO9890 : Shri Venkateswara (Balaji) Temple of the UK in Tividale by Robert  Neilson
SO9790 : Dudley Road West Gurdwara, Tividale by Jaggery
SO9888 : Toys R Us or Toys Am We - Oldbury by Roy Hughes
SO9790 : Oldbury Congregational Church by Robert  Neilson

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