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NY7802 : Inside Pendragon Castle by Marathon
NY7901 : Whitebank Hill by Ian Greig
NY7800 : Thrang Bridge over the River Eden by John Slater
SD7898 : Tree at wall's end by Christine Johnstone
NY8101 : The head of Great Lodge Gill by David Brown
NY7802 : Pendragon Castle by David McMumm
NY7801 : Outhgill (north end) by George Robinson
NY8003 : A tidily built sheepfold by Ian Greig
NY8002 : Lodge Hags by Michael Graham
SD8098 : Stony area near the Scarth of Scaiths by Roger Templeman
NY8201 : Grouse butt by Ian Greig
NY7801 : 'The Old Stables', Daisy Farm by Roger Templeman
NY8103 : Old Boundary Marker by Roger Templeman
SD7998 : Ruined building on Black Fell Moss by Roger Templeman
NY8000 : Brockholes Gill by David Brown
NY8000 : On Gregory Band by Michael Graham
SD8099 : Approaching Lady's Pillar, Hugh Seat by Karl and Ali
NY8001 : High Seat by David Brown
NY8002 : Between High Seat and High Pike Hill by Karl and Ali
NY8201 : Burnt moorland, Little Sleddale by Christine Johnstone
NY8103 : Benchmark on rock beside B6270 near Hollow Mill Cross by Roger Templeman
SD7899 : Access track and footpath to the B6265 road by Philip Barker
NY8000 : Near Steddale Mouth by Michael Graham
SD8099 : Cairn, rocks and shelter at Gregory Band by Trevor Littlewood
NY7903 : White Mea Bottom by David Brown
NY7802 : West wall of Pendragon Castle by Matthew Hatton
NY7802 : The guardrobe tower, Pendragon Castle by Matthew Hatton
NY8003 : Quarry and sheepfold from Fells End by David Brown
NY8001 : High Seat by Gordon Hatton
NY7801 : Barn beside B6259 at Outhgill by Roger Templeman
SD7899 : Winter trees, near Elmgill by Christine Johnstone
SD8098 : Little Grain by Michael Graham
NY8103 : Benchmark on rock beside B6270 at Uldale by Roger Templeman
SD8099 : Cairn on Hugh Seat by Roger Templeman
NY8201 : Two grouse butts in Little Sleddale by Christine Johnstone
NY8000 : Gregory Chapel by John Illingworth
NY7802 : The Eden Valley by Derek Voller
SD7999 : Hangingstone Scar from White Brow by Roger Templeman
NY8001 : Cairn on High Seat by Trevor Littlewood
SD7999 : Hangingstone Scar by John Illingworth
NY7800 : Boggle Green Ford by John Walton
NY8002 : On the broad ridge to High Pike Hill by Gordon Hatton
SD7898 : Ruined house above Ing Heads, Mallerstang by Karl and Ali
SD8099 : Red Gill by Michael Graham
NY7902 : Fellside at High Brae by David Brown
NY8101 : A "pile of stones" by Ian Greig
NY7802 : Footbridge Near Sandpot by Mick Garratt
NY8100 : The hut by Long Gill by David Brown
NY7800 : Boggle Green with Loven Scar beyond by Ian Greig
NY7801 : Ordnance Survey  Flush Bracket 1269 by Peter Wood
NY7801 : Faraday Cottage, Outhgill, Mallerstang by David Medcalf
NY7802 : Pendragon Castle, Mallerstang, Cumbria by David Medcalf
NY8103 : Swallow Hole In Birk Dale by James T M Towill
SD7999 : Hangingstone Scar on Mallerstang Edge by John Illingworth
NY7803 : Mallerstang by Carl Bendelow
NY8003 : The cairn is about 12 feet tall and even has a spiral staircase built around it. by Ian Greig
SD7898 : 'Water Cut' and Mallerstang Edge by Karl and Ali

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