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SP5106 : Front Quad, St. John's College, Oxford by Edmund Shaw
SP4906 : Botley Road Bridge over the Seacourt Stream by Steve Daniels
SP5206 : The entrance to St Catherine's College, Oxford by Marathon
SP5206 : St Clements Church by Andrew Blades
SP5005 : Footbridge over the River Thames by N Chadwick
SP5106 : St John's College by N Chadwick
SP5008 : Benchmark on the side of #35 Bainton Road by Roger Templeman
SP5106 : Bulwarks Lane by Roger Templeman
SP5107 : 23, Banbury Rd by N Chadwick
SP5106 : Exeter College, SE corner of quad by Nick Smith
SP5106 : Blue plaque in Merton Street by Basher Eyre
SP5105 : Looking SE along the Thames at Folly Bridge by Nick Smith
SP4905 : St Lawrence's Church, North Hinksey, Oxon. by Anthony Brunning
SP5106 : Oxford Playhouse by N Chadwick
SP5108 : The Punters are Leaving by Des Blenkinsopp
SP5008 : Costa, Summertown by N Chadwick
SP5106 : Pub in St. Ebbes Street by Basher Eyre
SP5206 : River Cherwell, Oxford by Peter Trimming
SP5004 : A34 South Hinksey Bridge by Stuart Logan
SP5007 : Narrowboats on the Oxford Canal by Jaggery
SP5106 : Benchmark at junction of Longwall Street and High Street by Roger Templeman
SP4906 : PC world by Bill Nicholls
SP5106 : Looking from The Bodleian towards The Camera by Basher Eyre
SP5005 : Osney footbridge over the River Thames by David P Howard
SP5106 : St Mary, Oxford - Sedilia by John Salmon
SP5305 : Interior of Bartlemas Chapel by Tiger
SP5004 : Benchmark on #7 Manor Road by Roger Templeman
SP5208 : The Bricklayers Arms by Steve Daniels
SP4907 : Footpath alongside the moorings on Port Meadow by Steve Daniels
SP5105 : Christ Church Cathedral by Graham Hogg
SP5108 : Balloon rising over fields by Marston Ferry Road by Sarah Charlesworth
SP4907 : The Thames Path at Medley by Steve Daniels
SP5206 : Oxford May Morning 1958, crowds leave Magdalen  by David Hawgood
SP5008 : Port Meadow by Steve Daniels
SP5106 : Towards the bar by DS Pugh
SP5305 : Graves, Church of St Mary and St John by N Chadwick
SP5006 : St Thomas the Martyr's Churchyard, Oxford by David Dixon
SP5106 : Door to the New Bodleian Library by Philip Halling
SP5105 : Grandpont House by N Chadwick
SP4905 : Locked door on the porch by Bill Nicholls
SP4906 : The Bulstake Stream by Des Blenkinsopp
SP5106 : Oxford Alley by Gordon Griffiths
SP4907 : Farmhouse at Medley Manor Farm by Roger Templeman
SP4906 : Pylon across the stream by Bill Nicholls
SP5306 : Houses on Headington Road by David Howard
SP5105 : Damaged benchmark on the entrance step to Christ Church by Roger Templeman
SP5006 : The Oxford Canal Terminus by Mat Fascione
SP5106 : Late afternoon sun showing off the splendour of Oxford by Alison Rawson
SP5208 : Victoria Arms, Marston by al partington
SP5305 : City Arms - Cowley Road by Given Up
SP5204 : Donnington Bridge, Oxford by David Hawgood
SP5105 : Tom Tower, Christ Church, Oxford by Philip Talmage
SP5105 : Hall interior, Christ Church, Oxford by David Hawgood
SP5006 : Oxford Prison now Malmaison Hotel by Terry Bean
SP5105 : River Isis (Thames), Oxford by Stephen McKay
SP5005 : Osney Lock, River Thames, Oxford by Martin Clark
SP5106 : Oxford University - Matriculation by Paul Chapman
SP5307 : Children's Wing, John Radcliffe Hospital by Jackie Bowman

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