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SE1463 : Waterfall in Fosse Gill by Mick Borroff
SE1767 : Arrow straight road to Fellbeck by Chris Heaton
SE1565 : Low Wath Rd by N Chadwick
SE1764 : Glasshouses, near Pateley Bridge by John Sparshatt
SE1565 : Pateley Bridge after the Tour de Yorkshire by Stephen Craven
SE1466 : Water wheel at Foster Beck Mill by Alan Murray-Rust
SE1563 : Yorke's Folly by David Rogers
SE1564 : Footpath in Fishpond Wood, Bewerley by David Rogers
SE1665 : Path into Pateley Bridge by Paul Gillett
SE1565 : Bridgehouse Gate by Derek Harper
SE1467 : Footpath, Wath by Maigheach-gheal
SE1565 : War  Memorial  Pateley  Bridge  Armistice  Day  2016 by Martin Dawes
SE1467 : Wath Bridge by DS Pugh
SE1763 : Footpath near Abraham Crags by Derek Harper
SE1764 : Road bridge over River Nidd at Glasshouses by John Sparshatt
SE1665 : Ruins of St. Mary's Church, Pateley Bridge by Chris Heaton
SE1463 : Stone tip, Low Moor by Gordon Hatton
SE1664 : Weir and footbridge over the Nidd at Castlehead by Allan Friswell
SE1664 : By the B6265 by N Chadwick
SE1565 : Pateley Bridge High Street shops by Stephen Craven
SE1564 : The Green, Bewerley by Derek Harper
SE1665 : View from Pateley Bridge Cemetery by Virginia Knight
SE1664 : River Nidd by Derek Harper
SE1466 : Cattle Grid on the Nidderdale Way by Mark Anderson
SE1364 : Path to Ivin Waite farm by Gordon Hatton
SE1663 : Guisecliff  Tarn by Martin Dawes
SE1767 : Old Waymarker Stone by Milestone Society
SE1664 : Glasshouses Mill Dam by Michael Steele
SE1565 : Talbot House, High Street, Pateley Bridge by Alan Murray-Rust
SE1463 : Flat Moor from the air by Thomas Nugent
SE1663 : Wall along edge of Heyshaw Moor by Derek Harper
SE1667 : Gate at High Bishopside by John Slater
SE1467 : Wath Mill, Nidderdale by Alan Murray-Rust
SE1366 : Brandstone Beck by Gordon Hatton
SE1764 : Wildlife area by Blue Plain Farm by Bill Boaden
SE1766 : At the edge of the moor by Gordon Hatton
SE1764 : Glasshouses Mill by Chris Allen
SE1464 : Track between Moor View Farm and Haver Garth by Bill Boaden
SE1564 : The Fishpond, Fishpond Wood, Bewerley by David Rogers
SE1365 : Hillend. by Bob Danylec
SE1565 : Wall postbox, Pateley Bridge by Julian Osley
SE1467 : The drive to Sigsworth Lodge by Alan Murray-Rust
SE1767 : Snowy scene on Pateley Moor by Gordon Hatton
SE1467 : Sign, Wath by Maigheach-gheal
SE1365 : Tarmac  ends  at  Low  Hole  Bottom by Martin Dawes
SE1664 : Bewerley Park Outdoor Education Centre by Gordon Hatton
SE1565 : Grassfield House, Pateley Bridge by David Rogers
SE1767 : Near Beck, Pateley Moor by John Slater
SE1764 : River Nidd by N Chadwick
SE1465 : Strawberry Hill Farm by N Chadwick
SE1466 : Foster Beck Watermill, Pateley Bridge by Chris Coleman
SE1565 : Gargoyles by Donnylad
SE1565 : Oldest Sweet Shop in England, Pateley Bridge by Chris Heaton
SE1364 : Toft Gate Lime Kiln,  Greenhow by rozinante
SE1565 : The former railway station building at Pateley Bridge (2) by John Webb
SE1566 : Scot Gate Ash Quarries by Malcolm Street
SE1565 : The former railway station building at Pateley Bridge (1) by John Webb

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