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ST1869 : Cliff Walk, Penarth by Stephen McKay
ST1869 : Wales Coast Path, Cosmeston by Stephen McKay
ST1972 : Raising the bridge by Alan Hughes
ST1871 : Wood Street Post Office, Penarth by Jaggery
ST1671 : Dunraven Close,  Dinas Powys  by Jaggery
ST1770 : Penarth Cemetery by John Lord
ST2073 : Port of Cardiff by Gareth James
ST1973 : Derelict dockside building by Pauline E
ST1871 : Cancer Research UK charity shop, Penarth by Jaggery
ST1671 : Snowy scene at Eastbrook station by John Light
ST1972 : The cliffs of Penarth Head by Alan Bowring
ST1670 : Outbuildings and track, Old Cogan Hall Farm by John Lord
ST1973 : View over Cardiff Docks by Gareth James
ST1671 : House in Murch  by Peter Mackenzie
ST1871 : Lifeboat slipway, The Esplanade, Penarth by Jaggery
ST1772 : Cogan railway station by Roger Cornfoot
ST1973 : Oil terminal for rail traffic by Gareth James
ST1971 : Ystyllod ar Bier Penarth / Planking on Penarth Pier by Ceri Thomas
ST1871 : Directions sign facing Stanwell Road, Penarth by Jaggery
ST1673 : Houses, Leckwith Road, Llandough by Jaggery
ST1773 : Challenge Cup Final at Ice Arena Wales by Graham Hogg
ST1871 : Marina Pavilion under scaffolding, Penarth by Jaggery
ST1871 : Station Road, Penarth by Jaggery
ST2073 : North Somerset : Cardiff Scenery & Bristol Channel by Lewis Clarke
ST1671 : Bungalows at the eastern end of Chamberlain Row, Eastbrook, Dinas Powys by Jaggery
ST1972 : Tight squeeze at Cardiff Bay Barrage! by Gareth James
ST1673 : Wooden bus shelter, Llandough by Jaggery
ST1773 : Penarth Moors and River Ely bridge by Mick Lobb
ST1871 : Entrance to Penarth Pier by Roy Haworth
ST1869 : Clifftop Walk at Whitcliffe Drive by Colin Smith
ST1873 : Dismantling of the Cardiff Arena by Gareth James
ST1672 : South side of The Merrie Harrier, Llandough by Jaggery
ST1669 : Sully Road - Murch by Mick Lobb
ST2073 : North Somerset : Cardiff Scenery & Bristol Channel by Lewis Clarke
ST1871 : Bilingual railway station name sign Heol Dingle/Dingle Road, Penarth by Jaggery
ST1870 : Sea at Penarth by Andrew Spenceley
ST1872 : High Street between Plassey Street and Salop Street, Penarth by Jaggery
ST1870 : Snowdogs: No. 40, Cedric by Gareth James
ST1972 : Cardiff : Small Road by Lewis Clarke
ST1672 : Down Penlan Road, Llandough by Jaggery
ST1670 : Old Cogan Hall Farm by Colin Smith
ST1872 : Cardiff International Pool by Mick Lobb
ST1671 : Shelterless bus stops, Cardiff Road, Dinas Powys by Jaggery
ST1869 : Bristol Channel from Penarth cliffs by Adrian Platt
ST1871 : West along West Terrace, Penarth by Jaggery
ST2073 : Roadside in Cardiff docks by Gareth James
ST1872 : Penarth : Roundabout & The Custom House by Lewis Clarke
ST1770 : Cwrt Tŷ Mawr, Lower Penarth by Jaggery
ST1670 : The Oxhams by Alan Hughes
ST1769 : Lesser Black-backed Gull - Cosmeston Lakes by Mick Lobb
ST1673 : The Pump House, Penarth Road, Cardiff by Tony Hodge
ST1873 : Cardiff Bay by Steve Chapple
ST1972 : Salmon Leap Bypass - Cardiff Bay Barrage by Tony Hodge
ST1872 : Custom House, Penarth Marina by Robin Drayton
ST1973 : Bristol Channel with Flatholme and Steepholme by Tony Hodge
ST1769 : Cosmeston Lake by Andrew Spenceley
ST1873 : Cardiff International Pool by Mick Lobb
ST1972 : Cardiff Bay Barrage by Kate Bee

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