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ST2998 : Kemys Street, Griffithstown, Pontypool by Jaggery
ST3099 : Up Ruth Road, New Inn by Jaggery
SO2800 : Entry slip road to the A472 from Rockhill Road, Pontypool by Jaggery
SO2800 : Ragamuffins Emporium in Pontypool by Jaggery
ST3099 : Jerusalem Lane bungalows, New Inn by Jaggery
ST3099 : X-Trail Cycles, New Inn by Jaggery
ST2699 : Glyn Pits, Pontypool by Chris Allen
ST3098 : Eastern side of New Inn Congregational Church, Pontypool by Jaggery
SO3001 : Bridge 57, Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal by Philip Halling
ST2899 : Cwmynyscoy Road, Pontypool by Jaggery
SO2900 : Canal bridge, New Inn by Jaggery
SO3001 : Road from New Inn approaches A4042 roundabout, Llanvihangel Pontymoel by Jaggery
SO2801 : Gorsedd Stone Circle by David Roberts
ST2899 : Three metal buildings, Cwmynyscoy, Pontypool by Jaggery
SO2801 : Town Bridge, Pontypool by Jaggery
SO2701 : Up Hanbury Road, Pontnewynydd by Jaggery
SO2801 : Footpath along perimeter fence of Penygarn Infants School by Jaggery
SO2900 : Panteg Cemetery Chapel by David Roberts
ST3098 : Warwick Close, Lower New Inn by Jaggery
ST2899 : Recreation ground, Griffithstown by Roger Cornfoot
ST2999 : Afon Lwyd flows towards New Road, New Inn, Pontypool by Jaggery
SO2700 : Wainfelin and Pentranch Community Hall, Pontypool by Jaggery
SO2900 : Up The Highway, New Inn by Jaggery
SO2700 : Ty Glyn, Albion Road, Pontypool by Jaggery
SO3000 : Entrance to Pontypool & New Inn railway station by Jaggery
SO2902 : Folly Tower NE of Pontypool by Jaggery
ST3098 : West side of Newport Road, Lower New Inn by Jaggery
SO2802 : Folly Lane passes the Nant-y-gollen Farm turning east of Trevethin, Pontypool by Jaggery
SO2800 : Up St James Field, Pontypool by Jaggery
SO2701 : Texaco garage on Osborne Road by Ian S
ST2899 : Not much of a bus shelter, Stafford Road, Griffithstown, Pontypool by Jaggery
SO3001 : St Michael's Church, Llanvihangel Pontymoel by Maigheach-gheal
SO3001 : Lane to Ty-mawr Farm from the A4042, Cwmoody by Jaggery
SO2800 : Dual-purpose pitch, Albion Road, Pontypool by Jaggery
ST3098 : Church Farm, Panteg by John Lord
ST2799 : Road from Upper Race to Lower Race, Pontypool by Jaggery
SO2900 : Railway siding, Pontypool & New Inn station by Jaggery
SO3002 : Wain-y-Clare access road near Pontypool by Jaggery
SO2800 : The Comrades Club, Market Street, Pontypool by Jaggery
SO2800 : Bellamy's Pad, 22 Clarence Street, Pontypool by Jaggery
ST2999 : Gable ends of houses in Station Road, Griffithstown by Christine Johnstone
SO2600 : A472 near Old Furnace by Colin Pyle
ST2798 : Pond at Cwm Lickey by Peter Ribbans
SO3001 : The Horse & Jockey on Usk Road by Ian S
ST2999 : Entrance to a Wales & West Utilities site, Pontypool by Jaggery
SO2600 : Coch-y-north Road by Jessica Aidley
SO2902 : Ffug-dwr Pontypwl / Pontypool Folly by Alan Richards
SO2701 : Floodlights and clubhouse, Memorial Ground, Pontypool by Jaggery
ST2699 : A bend in Crumlin Road west of Old Furnace by Jaggery
ST2799 : SW end of Blaendare Road, Pontypool by Jaggery
SO2800 : West Monmouth School Pontypool by gj
ST2698 : Cwm Lickey, Pontypool by Leyton Williams-Davies
SO2902 : Folly tower near Pontypool by Rudi Winter
SO2900 : Pontypool & New Inn station, Monmouthshire by Ralph Rawlinson
ST2698 : Cwm Lickey, Pontypool by Leyton Williams-Davies
SO2902 : Brecon Beacons National Park sign by Rudi Winter
SO2800 : Clarence Hotel, Pontypool by Kev Griffin

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