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SS8276 : Eastern Promenade, Porthcawl by Jaggery
SS8177 : Ordnance Survey Cut Mark by Adrian Dust
SS8177 : Grace Community Church Porthcawl by Jaggery
SS8477 : A view towards Wig Fach by eswales
SS8178 : Old Village Lane, Nottage, Porthcawl by Jaggery
SS8479 : Dwr Cymru Waste Water Treatment Works by Alan Hughes
SS8377 : Storm Clouds Gathering by Alan Hughes
SS8476 : On Black Rocks, near Newton by Gareth James
SS8178 : Heol Croes Faen, Nottage by Jaggery
SS8277 : Wellfield Crescent, Porthcawl by Jaggery
SS8279 : Farmland north of Porthcawl and a view across the Bristol Channel by eswales
SS8077 : Rock formations at Rest Bay by Gareth James
SS8378 : Farmland near Porthcawl by eswales
SS8178 : Public footpath between suburban walls, Porthcawl by Jaggery
SS8079 : Picton Court, Nottage, Porthcawl by Jaggery
SS8078 : Junction, Rest Bay, Porthcawl   by Jaggery
SS8377 : St John the Baptist, Newton, Glamorgan, Wales - Doorway by John Salmon
SS8077 : Lock's Common by Trevor Rickard
SS8178 : Anglesey Way Porthcawl by Jaggery
SS8176 : Porthcawl shoreline by Jaggery
SS8377 : King George VI pillarbox, Newton, Porthcawl by Jaggery
SS8179 : Uncultivated land off Moor Lane, nr Nottage (2) by eswales
SS8377 : North side of St John the Baptist, Newton, Porthcawl by Jaggery
SS8178 : Footpath from West Park Drive to Seagull public house and shops. by Colin Pyle
SS8377 : Mallards Reach from Zig-zag Lane by eswales
SS8378 : A straight section of Zig-zag Lane by eswales
SS8278 : Ancient woodland by Nottage by eswales
SS8177 : Glenavon Crescent - Windsor Road by Betty Longbottom
SS8277 : A touch of autumn colour at The Wilderness, Porthcawl by eswales
SS8477 : Area of old workings by Traeth yr Afon by eswales
SS8077 : Lock's Common - viewed from Severn Road by Betty Longbottom
SS8277 : Yellow back of a Newton Nottage Road speed camera, Porthcawl by Jaggery
SS8376 : Wave activity by Alan Hughes
SS8477 : Newton Burrows by Alan Hughes
SS8277 : McVitie's advert on a Porthcawl bus shelter by Jaggery
SS8477 : Houses at Wig Fach, near Porthcawl. by David Lewis
SS8277 : Warning sign - humped zebra crossing, New Road, Porthcawl by Jaggery
SS8078 : Grassholm Way by Colin Pyle
SS8377 : Telecoms cabinet at the edge of two Porthcawl pubs' car park by Jaggery
SS8176 : Picton Avenue - Esplanade by Betty Longbottom
SS8177 : De Clare Close, Porthcawl by Jaggery
SS8178 : West Road bus stop and shelter near Long Acre Drive, Nottage, Porthcawl by Jaggery
SS8176 : Boats in Porthcawl Harbour Basin by Jaggery
SS8377 : Newton boundary sign, Porthcawl by Jaggery
SS8078 : Junction of naming themes in Porthcawl by Jaggery
SS8378 : Tyn-y-caeau Lane by eswales
SS8478 : Unnamed road to the civic amenity site, Porthcawl by Jaggery
SS8078 : Wales Coast Path boardwalk above Rest Bay by eswales
SS8379 : Storage Barn - Mount Pleasant Farm by Alan Hughes
SS8276 : Breeze Travel van, Eastern Promenade, Porthcawl by Jaggery
SS8276 : Porthcawl Amusements by Chris Shaw
SS8176 : Porthcawl Beach by Nigel Homer
SS8078 : Rest Bay, Porthcawl by John Evans
SS8377 : St John's Church, Newton, Porthcawl. by David Lewis
SS8278 : Porthcawl Cemetery by Chris Shaw
SS8177 : All Saints Church, Porthcawl. by Colin Pyle
SS8176 : Porthcawl Promenade by Giovanni

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