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NZ1164 : Hagg Bank Bridge below Wylam Scars by Andrew Curtis
NZ1164 : Wylam Bridge by Russel Wills
NZ0863 : River Tyne at Ovingham by Oliver Dixon
NZ0764 : Whittle Burn near Gills Crag by Andrew Curtis
NZ0863 : Gateway, St Mary's Church, Ovingham by Andrew Curtis
NZ0962 : Prudhoe Community High School, Moor Road by Andrew Curtis
NZ0863 : Ovingham Bridge by Oliver Dixon
NZ1060 : Moor Road by Oliver Dixon
NZ0862 : Byway to Eltringham by Andrew Curtis
NZ1164 : Falcon Terrace, Wylam by Andrew Curtis
NZ0762 : The farmhouse at Cherryburn (2) by Mike Quinn
NZ1164 : Arable field beside the River Tyne by Graham Robson
NZ0964 : The white cliffs of Tynedale by Andrew Curtis
NZ0863 : Railway on river wall below Eltringham by Andrew Curtis
NZ1064 : Chimney from Wylam Pumping Station by Scoots
NZ0963 : The Kep Well by Mike Quinn
NZ0963 : Prudhoe Castle by wfmillar
NZ0762 : Footpath heading East to Eltringham House by Clive Nicholson
NZ1164 : Black Bull, Main Road, Wylam by Andrew Curtis
NZ0864 : View over Whittle Dene by Andrew Curtis
NZ0760 : Bridleway on Broom Hill by Bill Boaden
NZ0764 : Whittle Dene Corn Mill by Andrew Curtis
NZ1062 : Priestclose Woods by Jane Burdis
NZ0963 : St. Mary Magdalene's Parish Church, Prudhoe by Mike Quinn
NZ0763 : Ovingham holiday chalets. by Ann Hodgson
NZ0864 : Green lane near Ovingham by Oliver Dixon
NZ1062 : Monkey-puzzle tree, Prudhoe Hospital by Andrew Curtis
NZ1060 : Engine Road by Andrew Curtis
NZ0962 : The Grange, Prudhoe by Andrew Curtis
NZ0863 : Railway towards Newcastle by JThomas
NZ0763 : Chalets at Ferry Landing, Ovington by Andrew Curtis
NZ1161 : Bradley Fell Road by Oliver Dixon
NZ0761 : Fields by High Mickley by Bill Boaden
NZ1164 : Wylam Post Office by Anthony Foster
NZ0861 : Bridle way along track to Mickley Moor Farm by Clive Nicholson
NZ1161 : Frenches Close near Prudhoe by Andrew Curtis
NZ1063 : Woodland  and track by peter maddison
NZ0964 : Path along the south side of the Spetchells by Oliver Dixon
NZ1164 : Buildings to rear of Ship Inn, Wylam by Andrew Curtis
NZ0863 : Cycle rack at the White Swan, Ovingham by Oliver Dixon
NZ0860 : Sheep on Mickley Moor by Bill Boaden
NZ0762 : Cherryburn, the birthplace of Thomas Bewick (2) by Mike Quinn
NZ0862 : Rough grazing above Prudhoe by Bill Boaden
NZ0963 : Top of the Spetchells, west end, Tyne Riverside by Andrew Curtis
NZ0761 : Bearle View (A695) and side road in West Mickley by Mike Quinn
NZ1161 : Tree lined road. by Jane Burdis
NZ1060 : Dukeshagg Farm, above Prudhoe by Oliver Dixon
NZ0863 : Ovingham Village Hall by Graham Robson
NZ0960 : Hyons East Wood by Graham Scarborough
NZ1164 : Hagg Bank Bridge, Wylam by Stephen Craven
NZ0763 : Chalets at Ferry Landing, Ovington by Andrew Curtis
NZ1061 : Prudhoe hospital by Stefan Carlton
NZ0964 : The Spetchells, Tyne Riverside Park, Prudhoe by Andrew Curtis
NZ0764 : Summer House, Whittle Dene by Andrew Curtis
NZ1061 : Prudhoe Hall by Andrew Curtis
NZ0863 : Morris Dancers at Ovingham Goose Fair by Ann Hodgson
NZ0962 : Dr Syntax Pub by Wayne Phillips

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