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SD9432 : Waterworks gates by John H Darch
SD9432 : Ridehalgh Lane by Des Blenkinsopp
SD9431 : The Pennine Way on the 'bridle road' to Graining Water, Heptonstall by Humphrey Bolton
SD9332 : Cludders Slack and the dam of Widdop Reservoir, Heptonstall by Humphrey Bolton
SD9533 : Shaw Dike by Kevin Rushton
SD9332 : Eastern dam, Widdop Reservoir by JThomas
SD9431 : Tree Beside Graining Water (1) by Steve Partridge
SD9631 : Blake Dean by John H Darch
SD9332 : Widdop Reservoir by Phil Champion
SD9231 : Outcrop above Gorple Upper Reservoir by Phil Champion
SD9429 : Egypt by John Illingworth
SD9432 : Sheep grazing above Clough Foot by Bill Boaden
SD9631 : Widdop Gate Hostel, Sign by Alexander P Kapp
SD9630 : Road to Boothroyd Farm by Alexander P Kapp
SD9529 : Lower Fold by John Illingworth
SD9431 : Graining Water by Phil Champion
SD9331 : Clegg Foot by John Illingworth
SD9329 : Noah Dale Road, Heptonstall by Humphrey Bolton
SD9332 : The Pennine Bridleway Mary Towneley loop by Widdop Reservoir by Dave Kelly
SD9532 : Above Alcomden water. by steven ruffles
SD9530 : Pennine Way, Heptonstall Moor by Mark Anderson
SD9529 : Salt Pie by John Illingworth
SD9630 : Cut Mark Entrance to Mould Grain Farm Hebden Dale by Monica Stagg
SD9331 : Gorple Shooting Hut by John Illingworth
SD9231 : Access Track above Reaps Water by Chris Heaton
SD9531 : Blake Dean by John H Darch
SD9432 : The Pennine Bridleway Mary Towneley loop near Clough Foot by Dave Kelly
SD9429 : Gate on Moor Lane, Blackshaw by Humphrey Bolton
SD9631 : Boulsworth Hill Access Rangers meeting hut by Alexander P Kapp
SD9631 : Looking into a wood, Wadsworth by Humphrey Bolton
SD9231 : Reaps Water below Gorple Upper Reservoir by Phil Champion
SD9331 : Stile above Reaps Water by Mark Anderson
SD9531 : Widdop nr Hebden Bridge by Kevin Rushton
SD9530 : Trig pillar on Standing Stone Hill, Heptonstall by Humphrey Bolton
SD9530 : Clough Head Hill by Bill Boaden
SD9631 : Sheep near New Laithe Farm by Bill Boaden
SD9431 : Mountain bikers at Gorple Lower dam by Phil Champion
SD9432 : Ridehalgh Lane at Clough Foot Bridge, Wadsworth by Humphrey Bolton
SD9531 : Footbridge across Alcomden Water by Mark Anderson
SD9530 : Heptonstall Moor Trig by Rude Health
SD9231 : The dam of Gorple Upper Reservoir by Bill Boaden
SD9332 : The dam of Widdop Reservoir by Bill Boaden
SD9533 : Track off Greave Pasture by Bill Boaden
SD9430 : Reaps Cross by Rude Health
SD9231 : Derelict fields by Phil Champion
SD9530 : Walls and gate below Standing Stone Hill by Phil Champion
SD9432 : Entrance to a waterworks road, Wadsworth by Humphrey Bolton
SD9330 : Interior, Raistrick Greave by Mark Anderson
SD9531 : The Pack Horse by Steve Partridge
SD9231 : Reaps Water, Heptonstall, W Yorks by Rodney Burton
SD9332 : Widdop Reservoir Dam by Mark Anderson
SD9332 : Widdop Reservoir by Barry Hunter
SD9631 : Piers of trestle bridge, Blake Dean by Phil Champion
SD9531 : Blake Dean Baptist Church  Widdop by Kevin Rushton
SD9630 : Campsite, High Greenwood House by Mark Anderson
SD9332 : Widdop Reservoir by Barry Hunter
SD9329 : Derelict farmhouses of Noah Dale and Pad Laithe by Mark Anderson
SD9531 : Blakedean Scout Hostel by Phil Champion

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