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SE7294 : Warning sign at the top of Rosedale Chimney Bank by David Smith
SE7194 : Rosedale Chimney Bank, North Yorkshire Moors, Yorkshire by Christine Matthews
SE7194 : Lonely road across the moors. by steven ruffles
SE7596 : Higher Row Mires by Gordon Hatton
SE7497 : View Across Hamer Beck by Mick Garratt
SE7295 : The parish church of  St.Mary and St.Laurence - Rosedale Abbey by Hugh Chappell
SE7497 : The road at Hamer Bridge [1] by Michael Dibb
SE7395 : Grange Farm, Rosedale by Uncredited
SE7294 : Calcining kilns, Bank Top by JThomas
SE7193 : View west over Spaunton Moor by Pauline E
SE7193 : Rocks on Spaunton Moor by Colin Grice
SE7395 : Pry Hills Lane and Yatts Farm by Philip Barker
SE7497 : Low Hamer by Mick Garratt
SE7296 : Hill Plantation by Peter McDermott
SE7596 : White House by Colin Grice
SE7396 : Rough grazing and woodland by JThomas
SE7294 : Calcining Kilns at Rosedale Chimney Bank by SMJ
SE7498 : Pond, Hamer Moor by Mick Garratt
SE7295 : Looking down into the village of Rosedale Abbey by Jonathan Thacker
SE7497 : Crook Beck by Mick Garratt
SE7498 : Hamer Moor by JThomas
SE7194 : Grazing, Spaunton Moor by JThomas
SE7294 : Rosedale Chimney Bank by Roger Cornfoot
SE7295 : Autumn in Rosedale by Colin Grice
SE7596 : Hartoft view by T  Eyre
SE7396 : Millennium Cross by op47
SE7396 : Telecoms mast above Rosedale Abbey by Colin Grice
SE7195 : Seat above Bank Top by Peter Church
SE7497 : The road at Hamer Bridge [1] by Michael Dibb
SE7295 : The houses at Top Bank by Ian S
SE7295 : George VI postbox, Rosedale Abbey by Pauline E
SE7596 : Down to White House farm by Gordon Hatton
SE7398 : Old Boundary Marker by Milestone Society
SE7193 : Lapwing on Spaunton Moor by Roger Cornfoot
SE7295 : St Mary and St Laurence church by Colin Grice
SE7497 : High Hamer by Peter McDermott
SE7295 : View over Rosedale by Pauline E
SE7596 : Lower Row Mires farm by Gordon Hatton
SE7295 : Rosedale by Andy Beecroft
SE7497 : Low Hamer by Colin Grice
SE7394 : Ford across the River Seven by Philip Barker
SE7497 : A barn known as High Hamer by Colin Grice
SE7396 : Track to Stone Bank by JThomas
SE7495 : Allotment Farm through the trees by Philip Barker
SE7294 : Track on Spaunton Moor by Roger Cornfoot
SE7496 : Gate, Hamer Beck by Mick Garratt
SE7497 : Barn at High Hamer by Colin Grice
SE7193 : A break in the monotony of the moorland by David Smith
SE7396 : Climbing Heygate Bank by Pauline E
SE7193 : Heather burning on Spaunton Moor by Ian S
SE7295 : Rosedale Chimney Bank by Colin Grice
SE7295 : Vintage cars climbing Rosedale Chimney bank by Colin Grice
SE7295 : Car Park, Rosedale Chimney by Mick Garratt
SE7294 : Old Calcining Kilns, Rosedale Chimney Bank, North Yorkshire Moors, Yorkshire by Christine Matthews
SE7295 : Chimney bank view by Colin Grice
SE7294 : Golden plover, Bank Top by Pauline E

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