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SJ9545 : Sheepwash nr. Caverswall by Stu JP
SJ9444 : Roughcote Lane by JThomas
SJ9545 : Sheepwash Ford by John Walton
SJ9545 : Water pumping station at Sheepwash by Steve Lewin
SJ9444 : New Roughcote Farm by Steve Lewin
SJ9544 : Kennels on Handley Banks by Steve Lewin
SJ9544 : Disused Quarry, Caverswall by Stu JP
SJ9545 : Sheepwash Farm by Steve Lewin
SJ9444 : Roughcote Lane by David Weston
SJ9544 : Caverswall Quarry by Brian Deegan
SJ9444 : Horsebox on Roughcote Lane by Stu JP
SJ9545 : Ford at Sheepwash by Steve Lewin
SJ9444 : Crossroads at Roughcote by David Weston
SJ9444 : Roughcote Lane Junction by Gordon Griffiths
SJ9544 : Ward Hill Farm entrance by Steve Lewin
SJ9444 : Rugby Field and Clubhouse by Steve Lewin
SJ9444 : Farmland near Little Blythe Farm by JThomas
SJ9444 : Leek Road (A520) by JThomas

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