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SJ8097 : Erie Basin, Salford Quays by David Dixon
SJ7996 : Extinct railway at Trafford Park by Philip Jeffrey
SD7800 : Lancaster Road at its junction with the East Lancs Road by Ian Greig
SD8000 : Straight Line To Manchester by Peter Whatley
SJ8097 : Dock 9 and MediaCityUK by David Dixon
SJ7896 : Trafford Park, trading estate by Mike Faherty
SJ8197 : Ordsall Hall by Ian Taylor
SJ8198 : University of Salford Peel Building by David Dixon
SJ7998 : Easy Wash by Gerald England
SJ7997 : Trafford, dairy by Mike Faherty
SD7800 : Sunny day in Oakwood Park by Bradley Michael
SJ8196 : Trafford Road Bridge  by Gerald England
SJ8097 : Salford, South Langworthy Road by David Dixon
SJ7898 : Stott Lane, Salford by Tricia Neal
SJ8097 : Footbridge at Manchester Media City by Ceri Thomas
SD7800 : Barton Road, Swinton Park by David Dixon
SJ8097 : Media-City rising over Huron Basin, Salford Quays by Geoff Royle
SD7800 : A580 approaching Lancaster Road junction (A5185) by Peter Whatley
SJ8096 : East Stand, Old Trafford by G Laird
SJ8198 : Working Class Library Movement - Reading Room by David Dixon
SD7800 : Lancaster Road, Salford by Keith Williamson
SJ7996 : Adidas Group Distribution Centre, Trafford Park by Steven Haslington
SJ8096 : Traffic Light featuring Old Trafford Football Stadium by Paul Ashwin
SJ8099 : Brindleheath Cemetery by Keith Williamson
SD7900 : St John's Church, Pendlebury, Doorway by Alexander P Kapp
SJ8097 : Detroit Bridge, Salford Quays by Oliver Dixon
SJ8196 : Manchester city centre by Carroll Pierce
SJ8097 : Manchester Ship Canal at Salford Quays by David Dixon
SD7900 : A6 by Peter McDermott
SJ8199 : Footbridge over the A6 underpass by Bill Boaden
SJ8196 : Trafford Road by Peter McDermott
SJ7996 : Trafford Park by David Dixon
SJ8196 : Bridgewater Canal and Manchester Ship Canal, 1990 by Robin Webster
SJ7997 : Flowers and storage tanks on Trafford Wharf Road by Philip Jeffrey
SJ8096 : The Bridgewater Canal, Old Trafford by David Dixon
SJ8097 : Pipes at Media City's North Wharf by Christine Johnstone
SJ8196 : Chester Road, Old Trafford by Gerald England
SJ8098 : 61 Nansen Street by Eirian Evans
SJ7998 : Daniel Adamson Road, Salford by Alexander P Kapp
SD8100 : Path To Jubilee Bridge by David Dixon
SJ7897 : Trafford Park Road by Peter Whatley
SJ8196 : Ordsall Hall, Salford by David Dixon
SJ7896 : Trafford Park by David Dixon
SJ8199 : Salford University by Peter McDermott
SJ8097 : Daytime Performance, Mini Burble at MediaCityUK by David Dixon
SJ7997 : Drain entering the Manchester Ship Canal by Christine Johnstone
SD7900 : St John's Church, Pendlebury, Porch by Alexander P Kapp
SJ8199 : Gateway Building by David Dixon
SJ8096 : Shops off Chester Road by JThomas
SJ7898 : Manchester Ship Canal, Trafford Park by David Dixon
SJ8198 : High Rise Flats, Pendleton, Salford by Keith Williamson
SJ8198 : Trafford Road, Salford by Keith Williamson
SD7900 : Irlams o' th' Height by Keith Williamson
SJ7899 : Hope Hospital, A&E entrance by Keith Williamson
SJ8098 : Terraced houses, Seedley Park Road by Geoff Royle
SJ8097 : The Lowry Centre, Salford Quays by Martin Clark

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