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NZ4347 : Path near Nose's Point by JThomas
NZ4249 : The Golden Lion, Green Street by Alex McGregor
NZ4348 : New road, Spectrum Business Park by Alex McGregor
NZ4348 : Disused Railway, Seaham Harbour by David Robinson
NZ3950 : A19 from Cycle Route 1 near Seaton by Clive Nicholson
NZ4249 : The Londonderry Institute by Matthew Hatton
NZ4250 : Seaham Hall Hotel & 'Charybdis' by Andrew Curtis
NZ4250 : Path to Seaham beach by DS Pugh
NZ4148 : Falmouth Close Seaham by peter robinson
NZ4347 : Dawdon's Fossil Tree by Oliver Dixon
NZ4349 : Part of Seaham's Field of Remembrance by Les Hull
NZ3948 : Dalton Moor by Oliver Dixon
NZ4348 : Taxis at Seaham Harbour by Oliver Dixon
NZ3950 : National Cycle Route 1 from the B1404 in Seaton by Clive Nicholson
NZ4349 : Seaham South Dock by Matthew Hatton
NZ4251 : Cave, Seaham Beach by Andrew Curtis
NZ4151 : Coastal erosion south of Ryhope Dene by Oliver Dixon
NZ4047 : The A19 heading north by JThomas
NZ4148 : Dalton le Dale Community Hall by Mick Garratt
NZ4347 : Blast Beach, Dawdon by Les Hull
NZ4249 : Platform 2, Seaham Station by JThomas
NZ3949 : Crop field near Seaton by JThomas
NZ4147 : A182 east of Cold Hesledon by Colin Pyle
NZ4349 : Seaham from the harbour by Andrew Curtis
NZ3947 : Williams Road, Murton by JThomas
NZ4250 : 'Jewels of the Sea', East Shore, Seaham by Andrew Curtis
NZ4347 : The Blast Beach by peter robinson
NZ3951 : Field near Ryhope by Malc McDonald
NZ4349 : Seaham's Field of Remembrance by Les Hull
NZ4349 : Sand at Seaham Harbour by Alison Rawson
NZ4048 : St Andrew's Church Dalton-Le-Dale by Terry Johnson
NZ4147 : Farmland off the A182 by JThomas
NZ4348 : The Durham Coastal Path at Dawdon by Steve Daniels
NZ4250 : Interpretive sculpture, Vane Tempest car park, Seaham by Andrew Curtis
NZ4049 : Eppleton Hall Close by Alex McGregor
NZ4349 : South Dock at Seaham Harbour by Mat Fascione
NZ4251 : Durham coast near Ryhope Dene by Mat Fascione
NZ4248 : Dalden Tower by Oliver Dixon
NZ4347 : The coastal footpath south of Dawdon by Robert Graham
NZ4051 : Cherry Knowle Dean by Richard Webb
NZ4349 : Seaham North Pier and Harbour by Chris Morgan
NZ4050 : Lord Byron's Walk by Nigel Thompson
NZ3950 : National Cycle Route 1, Seaton by JThomas
NZ4051 : Bridleway that crosses National Cycle Route 1 heading towards West Cherry Knowle by Clive Nicholson
NZ3947 : Houses on Williams Road, Murton by JThomas
NZ4250 : Vane Tempest Colliery interpretive sculpture, Seaham by Andrew Curtis
NZ3949 : Looking towards the sea from Seaton Bank Top by Robert Graham
NZ4150 : Farmland off Lord Byrons Walk by JThomas
NZ4149 : Duke Street by Mick Garratt
NZ4249 : North Road in Seaham by Steve Daniels
NZ4347 : Blast Beach, Seaham by Irene Marlborough
NZ4250 : William Pye's 'Charybdis', Seaham Hall Hotel by Andrew Curtis
NZ4348 : Magnesian limestone stack, Dawdon Chemical Beach by Andrew Curtis
NZ4250 : William Pye's 'Charybdis, Seaham Hall Hotel by Andrew Curtis
NZ4149 : Christ  Church, New Seaham by Bill Henderson
NZ4250 : 'Greystones' from the churchyard of St Mary the Virgin, Seaham by Andrew Curtis
NZ4248 : Seaham fire station by Kevin Hale
NZ4349 : Seaham harbour lighthouse. by Steve  Fareham

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