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NT4827 : Selkirk Common by Walter Baxter
NT4527 : Now which one am I going to pick? by Walter Baxter
NT4527 : Judging sheep at the Yarrow and Ettrick Agricultural Show by Walter Baxter
NT4627 : Hainin House, Selkirk by Janis Cornwall
NT4728 : Get your macho steaks here by Walter Baxter
NT4628 : Closed mill, Selkirk by Richard Webb
NT4627 : The Haining Loch at Selkirk by Walter Baxter
NT4728 : The Pot Loch Selkirk by Mark Hope
NT4728 : A starling murmuration at Selkirk by Walter Baxter
NT4626 : Borders Abbeys Way sign near Brownmoor farm by Jim Barton
NT4527 : Howden Ford by John Walton
NT4929 : Junction to the east of Shawmount by Barbara Carr
NT4728 : Mungo Park Monument by kim traynor
NT4726 : A pile of logs by James Denham
NT4826 : The remains of Deepslaids Cottage by Walter Baxter
NT4627 : Selkirk from the air by Thomas Nugent
NT4728 : Mungo Park Memorial in Selkirk by James Denham
NT4828 : Path to Car Park by Billy McCrorie
NT4830 : The Bridgelands Road crosses the Batts Burn by Iain Lees
NT4530 : Raising the flag, Linglie Hill, Selkirk by Jim Barton
NT4528 : Woodland, Philiphaugh Estate by Richard Webb
NT4527 : Bird feeders at Philiphaugh Salmon Viewing Centre by Walter Baxter
NT4629 : Flood protection wall, Selkirk by Jim Barton
NT4627 : Walkers on Murieston Hill by Walter Baxter
NT4726 : The A7 heading for Selkirk by David Purchase
NT4929 : Country road passing the lands of Shawmount by James Denham
NT4628 : Selkirk from the air by Thomas Nugent
NT4627 : Walkers on the Borders Abbeys Way near Haining Loch by Jim Barton
NT4828 : I  wonder  how  big  it  can  grow  there by Martin Dawes
NT4728 : Hall on the hill by James Denham
NT4727 : Log Pathway by Adam D Hope
NT4730 : Ordnance Survey Flush Bracket G366 by Peter Wood
NT4927 : The outward turn on the Gala Rig Racecourse by Iain Lees
NT4730 : Lay-by and parking area, A7 near Selkirk by Jim Barton
NT4927 : A ladder stile and signpost at Gala Rig by Walter Baxter
NT4529 : Storm blown tree over the Corby Linn Track by Iain Lees
NT4528 : Information boards and path, site of Battle of Philiphaugh by Jim Barton
NT4728 : Southern Reporter by Richard Webb
NT4626 : Borders Abbeys Way signpost by Barbara Carr
NT4728 : The Selkirk Hills by M J Richardson
NT4727 : Selkirk Golf Course by Walter Baxter
NT4527 : Footbridge and Ford, Howden by Iain Lees
NT4528 : Selkirk Cricket Club Pavilion by Jim Barton
NT4828 : 6th Green at Selkirk Golf Course by Walter Baxter
NT4829 : Diversion on the Borders Abbeys Way by Oliver Dixon
NT4927 : The Quarry Pond on Gala Rig by Iain Lees
NT4629 : Linglie Farm sign by Walter Baxter
NT4830 : Sheep at Bridgelands by Walter Baxter
NT4726 : New house by Richard Webb
NT4728 : Kirk Wynd, Selkirk by Jim Barton
NT4730 : The Co-op NGT furniture store at Dunsdalehaugh, Selkirk by Walter Baxter
NT4728 : The Fletcher Statue in Selkirk by Walter Baxter
NT4528 : Corby Linn car park, Selkirk by Jim Barton
NT4727 : The Walking Tree by Walter Baxter
NT4528 : The Meridia Mountain Bike Cross Country Race by Iain Lees
NT4828 : The 2011 Haggis Hunt on Selkirk Hill by Walter Baxter
NT4728 : The Mungo Park Monument in Selkirk by Walter Baxter
NT4728 : "Kirk o' the Forest" by Euan Nelson

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