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SJ4910 : Railway towards Hereford by JThomas
SJ4913 : Primrose Terrace, St Michael's Street, Shrewsbury by Stephen Richards
SJ4812 : The Severn River Walk by Dave Croker
SJ4810 : Roman Road looking north from Upper Road by Peter Whatley
SJ4912 : The Drapers Hall, Shrewsbury by Jaggery
SJ4812 : 26 Mardol, Shrewsbury by Richard Law
SJ4912 : Darwin Gate by Gordon Griffiths
SJ4912 : The Wyle Cop by Mr M Evison
SJ4912 : The Albert, Shrewsbury by Chris Whippet
SJ5011 : St Giles Church Hall, Shrewsbury by JThomas
SJ4810 : Bridge over railway by Mike White
SJ4911 : Kingsland Road by DS Pugh
SJ4812 : Claremont Hill, Shrewsbury by Humphrey Bolton
SJ4913 : Plaque on Castle Bridge, Shrewsbury by Jeremy Bolwell
SJ4913 : Corner of North Street and Beynon Street, Shrewsbury by Jaggery
SJ4913 : Southern end of a cycle path from Greenfields Gardens, Shrewsbury by Jaggery
SJ4812 : "Welsh Bridge" Shrewsbury by Gordon Cragg
SJ5013 : The A5112 passing through Monkmoor by Row17
SJ5110 : Weeping Cross kettle hole by Richard Law
SJ4912 : The Square by Nigel Mykura
SJ4812 : Porthill Bridge by David Dixon
SJ4712 : 33 Oakfield Road, Shrewsbury by Stephen Richards
SJ4912 : Claremont Street, Shrewsbury by Jonathan Billinger
SJ5112 : Part of the Severn Way long distance footpath at Monkmoor, Shrewsbury by Jeremy Bolwell
SJ4810 : OS benchmark - Meole Brace hall by Richard Law
SJ5012 : Underdale Road, Shrewsbury by Jaggery
SJ5010 : The former railway line into Shrewsbury by Richard Law
SJ5112 : Shrewsbury-Wolverhampton Railway line by Andrew Bennett
SJ4912 : Abbey Veterinary Centre, Shrewsbury by Jaggery
SJ5012 : No Parking - Private Road, Abbey Foregate, Shrewsbury by Jaggery
SJ4912 : St Cecilia at Shrewsbury Cathedral by Zorba the Geek
SJ4912 : Castle Gates House, Shrewsbury by Jaggery
SJ5110 : OS benchmark - Emstrey, 103 London Road by Richard Law
SJ4711 : Moor Way by Marion Haworth
SJ5113 : Former aircraft hangar by John M
SJ4910 : Meole Brace Retail Park by Bill Boaden
SJ4914 : Old River Bed, Shrewsbury by Andrew Bennett
SJ4714 : Berwick House by Keith Havercroft
SJ5011 : London Road at Mayfield Drive by Peter Whatley
SJ4713 : The Mount (A458) heading west by Peter Whatley
SJ4912 : The Henry Tudor mansion on Wyle Cop, Shrewsbury by Jeremy Bolwell
SJ5013 : Shrewsbury Weir by Wakeskate
SJ4812 : The Olde Buck's Head Inn, Shrewsbury by Jeremy Bolwell
SJ4714 : Lodges near Shrewsbury by Stephen Richards
SJ5014 : River Severn from Telford Way road bridge by Mr M Evison
SJ4911 : Network Rail's Traction Maintenance Depot at Coleham by Roger Templeman
SJ5014 : The Sentinel in Morrisons Supermarket by David Garnett
SJ4811 : Commonwealth War Graves panel at Shrewsbury General Cemetery by John Lucas
SJ4912 : Belmont Shrewsbury Town Centre by Mr M Evison
SJ5011 : The Peacock Inn on Wenlock Road by John Firth
SJ4910 : Meole Brace retail park by Nigel Callaghan
SJ4912 : Flood defences at Frankwell car park, Shrewsbury by David Gruar
SJ4912 : Wrexham and Shropshire Railway train at Shrewsbury by John Lucas
SJ4810 : Holy Trinity Church, Meole Brace by David Gruar
SJ5111 : Chapel, Shrewsbury Crematorium by Alexander P Kapp
SJ4912 : Flooded Frankwell car park, Shrewsbury by David Gruar
SJ4911 : Shrewsbury (Coleham) Locomotive Depot by Ben Brooksbank
SJ4912 : Archway into Shrewsbury Castle, Shropshire by Marion Dutcher

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