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NZ8607 : Gate on Esk Valley Walk by Derek Harper
NZ8606 : St John's churchyard, Sleights by Stephen Craven
NZ8706 : Stepping stones near Throstle Nest Farm by Christopher Hall
NZ8605 : Electricity Transmission Pylon by Mick Garratt
NZ8604 : High  Quebec  Farm by Martin Dawes
NZ8705 : Stepping stones across Little Beck by Christopher Hall
NZ8506 : Autumn foliage at Low Newbiggin Farm by Raymond Knapman
NZ8704 : Plaque on Jubilee tree in Littlebeck by Christopher Hall
NZ8607 : Autumn tints in Esk Dale by Pauline E
NZ8606 : Houses and public footpath, Coach Road, Sleights by Stephen Craven
NZ8604 : Pylon line with moorland road by Trevor Littlewood
NZ8506 : Partridge Nest Farmhouse, Sleights by Dave Napier
NZ8705 : Ford at Littlebeck by John Walton
NZ8606 : Eskdale Fisheries, Sleights by Ian S
NZ8605 : Looking down Blue Bank on the A169 by SMJ
NZ8604 : Moorland by Scott Robinson
NZ8607 : Stone trod above Thistle Grove by Bill Boaden
NZ8706 : Wet  field  footpath  toward  Sleights by Martin Dawes
NZ8607 : Sleights Cricket Pavilion by Mick Garratt
NZ8505 : Millennium Beacon, Eskdaleside by Mick Garratt
NZ8605 : Footpath across moorland at Fair Plain by Stephen McCulloch
NZ8605 : View Point and car park, Blue Bank by Peter Bond
NZ8607 : Esk Valley Walk approaching Thistle Grove by Derek Harper
NZ8605 : Blue Bank by Keith Evans
NZ8605 : Pylon line near Hillside Farm by John Firth
NZ8505 : Path junction at the northern edge of Sleights Moor by John Slater
NZ8506 : The "New Alum Works" by Matthew Hatton
NZ8706 : Over  meadow  towards  Sleights by Martin Dawes
NZ8607 : Sleights Hall by Stephen Craven
NZ8604 : On Sleight's Moor by JThomas
NZ8607 : The River Esk, west of Sleights by Christine Johnstone
NZ8704 : Low  Quebec  Farm by Martin Dawes
NZ8606 : St John's Church, Sleights by John Slater
NZ8607 : Farm in the Esk Valley by Pauline E
NZ8704 : Ford at Littlebeck by Robert Blake
NZ8605 : Pylons crossing Sleights Moor by Bill Boaden
NZ8705 : Stray  Head  Banks  footpath  through  nature  reserve by Martin Dawes
NZ8705 : Ford across Little Beck by Christopher Hall
NZ8704 : Pastures above Intake Farm by John Allan
NZ8505 : Track on Black Brow moorland by David Smith
NZ8604 : Track  from  High  Quebec  Farm by Martin Dawes
NZ8604 : A169 approaching Blue Bank by Peter Bond
NZ8505 : The edge of Sleights Moor by T  Eyre
NZ8707 : Ugglebarnby Church by op47
NZ8606 : Escape Lane, Blue Bank by Stephen McCulloch
NZ8705 : Low Farm by T  Eyre
NZ8506 : Blue Scar, south bank of the Esk by Christine Johnstone
NZ8707 : Towards Sleights by Derek Harper
NZ8605 : Track to Blue Bank Quarry by Pauline E
NZ8704 : Littlebeck by Dave Dunford
NZ8606 : Blue Bank, Sleights by Lynne Kirton
NZ8607 : River Esk by Margaret Clough
NZ8607 : Sleights Cricket Club by Darren Haddock
NZ8705 : Ford across Little Beck by Derek Harper
NZ8605 : Blue Bank by Lynne Kirton
NZ8606 : Sleights by Margaret Clough
NZ8606 : Blue Bank with Whitby in the distance by Leslie

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