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NZ9004 : Raikes' Lane by Stephen McCulloch
NZ8905 : Track to Knaggy House Farm by Mick Garratt
NZ9004 : Where the Coast to Coast Path leaves the B1416 by Bill Boaden
NZ9002 : John Cross by David Brown
NZ8803 : Midge  Hall  at  Falling  Foss by Martin Dawes
NZ8904 : At Redgate by T  Eyre
NZ8804 : The Coast to Coast Path by Peter Church
NZ9002 : Solitary Tree, Shooting House Rigg by Mick Garratt
NZ8803 : Falling Foss by Bryan Pready
NZ9106 : Descent to Rigg Farm, Hawsker by Humphrey Bolton
NZ8804 : The way to Moor House Farm by Ian S
NZ9005 : Raikes' Lane by David Martin
NZ9002 : Footpath near John Cross by Philip Barker
NZ9005 : Catwick House Farm by Stephen McCulloch
NZ9004 : Soulsgrave Farm  from Raikes' Lane by Philip Barker
NZ9002 : Remains of John Cross by Phil Champion
NZ8803 : The Yurt, Midge Hall Tea Rooms, Falling Foss by Paul Buckingham
NZ8904 : Plethora of road sign 2 by Christopher Hall
NZ8803 : Elf's Door by Mick Garratt
NZ9004 : B1416 at Soulsgrave by John Allan
NZ9003 : Pond, Fylingdales Moor by Stephen McCulloch
NZ8803 : Road Bridge by Peter Church
NZ9106 : Low Rigg Farm by John Allan
NZ9003 : A caravan on the B1416 by Bill Boaden
NZ8803 : Path leading away from the  Falling Foss Tea Gardens by Karen Chantrey Wood
NZ8903 : Footpath across pasture land near May Beck by Stephen McCulloch
NZ9006 : Sneatonthorpe, from the fields behind by Bryan Pready
NZ8803 : Falling Foss waterfall by Stephen McCulloch
NZ9105 : Stony Gate Slack by Bill Boaden
NZ9005 : South along Raikes Lane by Ian S
NZ8905 : Footpath  over  Pokeham  Brow by Martin Dawes
NZ8803 : Newton Farm by Ralph Rye
NZ8803 : Outbuildings, Leas Head Farm by Scott Robinson
NZ9004 : The B1416 from Raikes Lane by Ian S
NZ9002 : Prehistoric cross dyke, Fylingdales Moor by Mick Garratt
NZ9105 : Footpath between hedges by John Allan
NZ8903 : New May Beck Farm by Stephen McCulloch
NZ8803 : Parsley Beck by Philip Barker
NZ8803 : Road to Falling Foss by T  Eyre
NZ9006 : Stile near Sneatonthorpe by Bryan Pready
NZ9004 : Across the valley to Soulsgrave Farm by Bill Boaden
NZ9003 : Dawn Near Redgates, Whitby by mike
NZ8904 : Road Junction by Keith Evans
NZ8904 : The B1416 by Bill Boaden
NZ8903 : Galloway calves at New May Beck by David Brown
NZ8803 : Parsley Beck by Mick Garratt
NZ8803 : Bridge across the Beck by Karen Chantrey Wood
NZ9002 : Grey Heugh Slack by Mick Garratt
NZ9105 : Track through the gorse by Bryan Pready
NZ9006 : Mortar Hall Farm  on Sneaton Thorpe Lane by Philip Barker
NZ8803 : Falling Foss Tea Garden - Midge Hall by Peter Worrell
NZ8803 : Sneaton Forest - Falling Foss water fall by Martin Norman
NZ8804 : The Hermitage, nr Falling Foss by Derek Harper
NZ8803 : Midge Hall, Sneaton Forest by Phil Champion
NZ8803 : Bridge over May Beck by Martin Norman
NZ8803 : Falling Foss - Waterfall by Peter Church
NZ8904 : Interesting road junction on the B1416 by Charles Joynson
NZ8803 : Falling Foss, near Littlebeck by Brian Norman

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