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NZ3868 : South Pier, River Tyne Entrance by Mick Garratt
NZ3767 : View from South Pier, South Shields by David Kemp
NZ3767 : A183 at Ocean Beach Pleasure Park by Colin Pyle
NZ3566 : Earl of Zetland by Willie Duffin
NZ3767 : South Shields Lakeshore Railroad, South Marine Park, South Shields by Chris Morgan
NZ3868 : Tynemouth South Pier by Peter McDermott
NZ3766 : Lifeguard Station, South Shields by Oliver Dixon
NZ3666 : The Adam and Eve, South Shields by Ian S
NZ3868 : View of Harbour Mouth, River Tyne by Les Hull
NZ3667 : Salmon Street, South Shields by Oliver Dixon
NZ3866 : Gun Mounting by Mick Garratt
NZ3864 : Housing on Riverslea, off Centenary Avenue by Christine Johnstone
NZ3665 : Frederick Street, High Shields by Richard Webb
NZ3868 : Flight of steps near the seaward end of South Pier, South Shields by peter robinson
NZ3765 : The Old Ship, Harton. by Roger Cornfoot
NZ3866 : Nearly at the finish by Bill Boaden
NZ3767 : Herd Sand by Richard Webb
NZ3665 : Frederick Street, High Shields by Richard Webb
NZ3765 : Houses on King George Road, South Shields by JThomas
NZ3766 : The New Crown Hotel in South Shields by peter robinson
NZ3566 : The Riverside, No 3 Mill Dam, South Shields by Andrew Curtis
NZ3767 : Herd Sand by Mike Quinn
NZ3868 : South Pier at the mouth of the Tyne by Oliver Dixon
NZ3566 : Former drydocks, South Shields by George Robinson
NZ3866 : Rocky shoreline along the coast at South Shields by Mat Fascione
NZ3768 : Beach segregation on Herd Sand by Russel Wills
NZ3864 : Speed bumps in Borough Road by Christine Johnstone
NZ3667 : St Hilda's church, South Shields by Dave Kelly
NZ3664 : Harton Lane, South Shields by Alex McGregor
NZ3566 : 'Donald Duckling', Tyne Dock by Andrew Curtis
NZ3866 : Graham's Sand by Anthony Foster
NZ3765 : Southbound bus stop on Sunderland Road by Christine Johnstone
NZ3566 : Albert Edward Dock - Accumulator Tower by Mac McCarron
NZ3866 : Sandhaven Beach by Craig Allan
NZ3868 : The Mouth of the River Tyne by Bill Henderson
NZ3766 : Brass Thill Way by Richard Webb
NZ3866 : Trow Point at South Shields by Steve Daniels
NZ3566 : The Customs House, South Tyneside by wfmillar
NZ3764 : Newer housing on Mulberry Crescent by Christine Johnstone
NZ3666 : Painted mural, Commercial Road, South Shields (detail) by Andrew Curtis
NZ3867 : Herd Sand by Mike Quinn
NZ3664 : South Tyneside District Hospital by Mick Garratt
NZ3767 : Watch House by Bill Boaden
NZ3566 : Ferry terminal, North Shields by kim traynor
NZ3868 : South Pier and Lighthouse, Tynemouth by David Dixon
NZ3864 : Witton Avenue [south side] by Christine Johnstone
NZ3566 : Middle Dock, South Shields by Chris Allen
NZ3667 : Crossroads on South Shields by Bill Boaden
NZ3664 : A1300, John Reid Road by Mick Garratt
NZ3867 : Herd Sand (4) by Mike Quinn
NZ3766 : Dr. Winterbottom Hall, South Shields by Stephen Williams
NZ3667 : 'Fleet' by Irene Brown, Captains Wharf by Andrew Curtis
NZ3667 : Station, South Shields, Co. Durham by Dr Neil Clifton
NZ3767 : Rides at South Shields by MSX
NZ3667 : Roman Fort, The Lawe, South Shields, Tyne & Wear by Richard Howell
NZ3765 : South Tyneside College by MSX
NZ3864 : Minchellas Ice Cream Parlour by Brian Abbott

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