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SE0625 : St. John's Church - Warley by Barry Daniels
SE0523 : Sowerby Bridge - Ryburn Buildings - Station Road frontage by Dave Bevis
SE0424 : Ordnance Survey Flush Bracket 850 by Peter Wood
SE0822 : View of Copley from North Dean Road, Greetland by Humphrey Bolton
SE0724 : Wainhouse Tower by Chris Heaton
SE0523 : Footpath from Haugh End Lane to Rochdale Road by Stephen Craven
SE0625 : Sandhall Lane - Highroad Well Lane by Betty Longbottom
SE0422 : Steps - leading from Rochdale Road to Hollin Street by Betty Longbottom
SE0522 : View from Harper Royd Lane by Chris Heaton
SE0421 : Gate on Sowerby Bridge FP134 at Rough Hey by Humphrey Bolton
SE0524 : Stock Lane, Warley by Betty Longbottom
SE0622 : Scene on Ryburn Golf Course by Chris Heaton
SE0421 : Old milestone by Robert Glover
SE0622 : Footpath on Norland Moor by Chris Heaton
SE0425 : Footpath from Ive House Lane to Halifax Lane, Warley by Humphrey Bolton
SE0723 : Sterne Bridge on the River Calder by Raymond Knapman
SE0821 : Old Milestone, B6113, Rochdale Road, Greetland by Christine Minto
SE0622 : Old Milestone, Clough Road, Norland by Christine Minto
SE0724 : Road junction at King Cross, Halifax as seen from Wainhouse Tower by Colin Park
SE0423 : St Peter's church, Sowerby - clock dial by Stephen Craven
SE0823 : Sunken Garden in Manor Heath Park by Chris Heaton
SE0522 : Brock Well Gate by Stephen Craven
SE0821 : Old milestone by B6114 Saddleworth Road, Greetland by Robert Glover
SE0523 : Milestone at the top of Jerry Lane by Stephen Craven
SE0525 : Old milestone by Robert Glover
SE0423 : Houses, Pollit Avenue, Sowerby by Humphrey Bolton
SE0623 : Riverine, Sowerby Bridge by Humphrey Bolton
SE0422 : Dodge Royd Lane, Norland by Humphrey Bolton
SE0822 : Copley Viaduct by Raymond Knapman
SE0525 : Prospect Court - Vicar Park Drive by Betty Longbottom
SE0421 : Old Milestone, on the A58, Triangle by Christine Minto
SE0423 : Drinking fountain, Stocks Lane, Sowerby by Stephen Craven
SE0523 : Marys Way - Cemetery Lane by Betty Longbottom
SE0622 : Old milestone by Robert Glover
SE0723 : Track to Calder Dale and Binn Royd by Humphrey Bolton
SE0523 : Sowerby Bridge 1st railway station (site), Yorkshire by Nigel Thompson
SE0724 : Descending to Darcey Hey Lane by Chris Heaton
SE0523 : Looking NW along Cemetery Lane by Luke Shaw
SE0423 : Town Farm, Queen Street, Sowerby by Stephen Craven
SE0621 : Old Guide Stone by the B6113, Rochdale Road, Halifax parish by Milestone Society
SE0425 : Municipal Boundary Marker on the junction of Deep Lane and Butts Green Lane by A Lavan
SE0522 : Old milestone by Robert Glover
SE0623 : Buildings on Back Wharf Street, Sowerby Bridge by Christine Johnstone
SE0623 : Defibrillator opposite Tuel Lane, Sowerby Bridge by Humphrey Bolton
SE0625 : Pastures Sweeping down below Upper Well Royd by Chris Heaton
SE0424 : Warley Wood Avenue HX2 6BL by Tania Blackburn
SE0422 : Brock Well Lane by Stephen Craven
SE0423 : St Peter's church, Sowerby - chest tombs by Stephen Craven
SE0723 : Washer Lane Industrial Estate from Wainhouse Tower by Colin Park
SE0823 : Manor Heath Park, Halifax by habiloid
SE0723 : Copley Data Centre by Peter Crump
SE0723 : Copley Data Centre, Wakefield Road by Humphrey Bolton
SE0723 : Copley Data Centre by Mark Anderson
SE0723 : Wainhouse Tower, Halifax by Ian M
SE0624 : Warley Springs garage, Burnley Road by Mark Anderson
SE0422 : Field House, Sowerby by Humphrey Bolton
SE0724 : Gibraltar Fisheries - Hopwood Lane by Betty Longbottom
SE0823 : Crossley Heath School - Skircoat Moor Road, Halifax by Betty Longbottom

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