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SE9999 : War Dike by Gillian Rimington
SE9998 : Converted Schoolhouse, Staintondale by JThomas
SE9798 : Residual haystacks near Brown Rigg by Bill Boaden
SE9998 : Bus stop, Staintondale by JThomas
SE9999 : Wind turbine near Grange Farm by JThomas
SE9999 : Heading south along the Cinder Track by Mat Fascione
SE9999 : Grazing Stainton Dale by JThomas
TA0098 : Lane towards Plane Tree Cottage Farm by Mat Fascione
TA0098 : The Cleveland Way from Petard Point by Chris Wimbush
TA0099 : The Cleveland Way near Whin Hill by Philip Barker
SE9899 : Fields near Rudda Farm by Bill Boaden
SE9898 : Island  Farm  from  paddock by Martin Dawes
SE9999 : Looking  down  Beast  Cliff by Martin Dawes
SE9899 : Heading north west towards Ravenscar by JThomas
SE9999 : Grange Farm by Chris McAuley
TA0098 : Plane Tree Cottage Farm by JThomas
SE9999 : Walking the disused Whitby to Scarborough rail trail by Ian S
SE9899 : Worfolk Cottage by JThomas
TA0098 : Fields along the North Yorkshire coastline by Mat Fascione
SE9798 : Bridge over Thorny Beck by Christopher Hall
SE9998 : Bees Nest Farm, Staintondale by Christopher Hall
TA0099 : Cleveland Way by Scott Robinson
SE9999 : Track to Grange Farm by JThomas
SE9898 : The Methodist Church, Staintondale by JThomas
SE9798 : The Falcon Inn by Mick Garratt
SE9998 : Bees' Nest Farm by JThomas
TA0099 : Cleveland Way at Beast Cliff by Mat Fascione
SE9999 : Bridleway near Staintondale by T  Eyre
TA0098 : Walkers on the Cleveland Way south of Petard Point by Oliver Dixon
SE9899 : Elizabeth II postbox on Rudda Road, Staintondale Moor by JThomas
SE9899 : Rudda Farm by JThomas
SE9798 : Boundary Stone by Mick Garratt
SE9999 : Down Beast Cliff by Ian Paterson
SE9798 : The road up to the Falcon Inn, Stainton Dale by Humphrey Bolton
SE9999 : Gate on National Cycle Route 1 by JThomas
SE9899 : Track to Meeting House Farm by JThomas
SE9998 : House for sale, Staintondale by JThomas
SE9998 : Marked on OS Map as PH, now a private dwelling by Joe Regan
SE9999 : Sea cliff near War Dike Lane by Colin Grice
SE9798 : Near the Falcon Inn by T  Eyre
SE9899 : Sheep near Rudda Farm by Bill Boaden
SE9998 : Towards White Hall Farm by Chris Wimbush
SE9998 : National Cycle Route 1 by JThomas
SE9899 : Rudda Road by JThomas
TA0098 : Permissive path Petard Point by Christopher Hall
SE9898 : Old  Track  over  Tofta  Hill by Martin Dawes
SE9999 : Gate access by Chris McAuley
SE9998 : Bungalow, Crowdon by JThomas
TA0198 : Looking towards Whitby in grid square TA 0198 by Phil Catterall
SE9998 : The former Scarborough to Whitby Railway  by JThomas
SE9898 : St. John the Baptist's Church, Staintondale by John Davidson
SE9999 : The road to Prospect House Farm by Colin Grice
SE9998 : Wintry trees on the former Scarborough to Whitby railway by Christopher Hall
SE9899 : Meeting  House  Farm  Staintondale by Martin Dawes
SE9999 : The Cleveland Way above Beast Cliff by Chris Wimbush

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