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NZ1951 : Derwent Rise, off South Moor Road by Christine Johnstone
NZ2154 : Pit head at Beamish by David P Howard
NZ1853 : Minor road entering Tanfield Lea by Trevor Littlewood
NZ2154 : Signal box at Beamish Museum by Roger Cornfoot
NZ2152 : Acton Dene by brian clark
NZ2054 : Great North Forest Trail by Les Hull
NZ2154 : Garage entrance, Beamish Museum by Ian Taylor
NZ1952 : Countryside view from Stanley by Robert Graham
NZ1754 : The ********** Hotel, Tantobie by Oliver Dixon
NZ1952 : "Iceland", Stanley by Oliver Dixon
NZ2051 : Terraced streets in Craghead by Robert Graham
NZ2154 : The Bandstand, Beamish Open Air Museum by Bill Henderson
NZ2154 : Fire buckets, Beamish by Paul Harrop
NZ1953 : Cemetery, Stanley by Alex McGregor
NZ1853 : Footbridge in Tanfield Woods by Robert Graham
NZ2051 : Stanley Burn by brian clark
NZ2051 : Bloemfontein Place, Craghead by Robert Graham
NZ2154 : The railway at the colliery village by Christine Johnstone
NZ1754 : The Commercial, Tantobie by Robert Graham
NZ1952 : Brenda's Fish Bar by Pauline E
NZ1953 : St Andrew's Church, Stanley by Alex McGregor
NZ2052 : Mendip Terrace South Stanley by brian clark
NZ1952 : Stanley Front Street looking towards the Imperial Hotel by brian clark
NZ2050 : Ousterley Wood by brian clark
NZ2154 : Home Farm, Beamish by Paul Harrop
NZ1852 : Converted chapel, Shieldrow Lane by JThomas
NZ1953 : Consett and Sunderland Railway Path at Stanley by Oliver Dixon
NZ1754 : The Oak Tree Inn, Tantobie by JThomas
NZ2052 : Looking down the track from Low Stanley by Robert Graham
NZ1950 : Newacres Road by Christine Johnstone
NZ2051 : Miner's Lamp at Craghead by Robert Graham
NZ2154 : Beamish Museum by pam fray
NZ1952 : Stanley Bus Station by brian clark
NZ2150 : Wagtail Lane, Craighead by JThomas
NZ1754 : Oak Tree Inn, Tantobie by Alan Fearon
NZ2153 : Junction on the A693 by Russel Wills
NZ2150 : Seat at Craghead County Durham by P Glenwright
NZ2054 : Beamish Park Golf Club 15th Fairway and Green by Les Hull
NZ1754 : Front Street, Tantobie by Alex McGregor
NZ1853 : Old Beech tree in Tanfield woods by Robert Graham
NZ1951 : View up Tyne Road by Robert Graham
NZ1952 : Asda by Colin Edgar
NZ2051 : Middles Road (B6532) towards Stanley by JThomas
NZ2050 : Gorse by brian clark
NZ2153 : No Place ... Like a Co-operative Home! by Terry Robinson
NZ1854 : Sports ground, New Front Street, Tanfield Lea by Christine Johnstone
NZ1951 : Footbridge in the woods by Robert Graham
NZ2053 : East Street, Stanley by Robert Graham
NZ2154 : Beamish Hall Hotel by Alex McGregor
NZ2052 : Looking west along Humber Hill road by Robert Graham
NZ1953 : St.Andrew's Church, Stanley, Co. Durham by Alan Fearon
NZ2154 : Victorian High Street, Beamish Museum by Neil Atterby
NZ1952 : South Stanley, Co. Durham by Gordon Fenwick
NZ2154 : Victorian Terrace, Beamish Open Air Museum by Dave Eagle
NZ1952 : The Louisa Centre, Stanley by John Chamberlain
NZ2153 : The Beamish Mary Inn, No Place by Dave Eagle
NZ2053 : Shield Row, Co.Durham by Alan Fearon

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