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SE8096 : North Yorkshire Moors - 1985 by Helmut Zozmann
SE7994 : Mauley Cross by Stephen Horncastle
SE8095 : Tree Ranks in Cropton Forest (2) by Steve Partridge
SE7994 : Old Wayside Cross by Brown Howe Road, Cropton Forest, Stape parish by Milestone Society
SE8093 : Raindale Head Farm. by Steve Partridge
SE8194 : Woods at Brown Howe. by Steve Partridge
SE7793 : Forest track crossroads by Colin Grice
SE7796 : Remains of shooting house by T  Eyre
SE8194 : The end of the road by op47
SE8294 : Kidstye Farm by JThomas
SE7992 : Over  field  to  Seavy  Slack  Farm by Martin Dawes
SE7894 : Fungi on Tree in Cropton Forest. by Steve Partridge
SE8095 : Brown Howe Farmhouse by Ian S
SE7993 : Stape Village Hall by Steve Partridge
SE7997 : Wheeldale Moor above Sod Fold Slack. by Steve Partridge
SE7993 : Heads Road north of Stape by SMJ
SE8095 : Sunlight Catching Trees at Brown Howe by Steve Partridge
SE7894 : Rutmore Road. by Steve Partridge
SE7993 : Stape Head Farm by Colin Grice
SE7794 : Leaf Howe trig point before the forest was cut down by op47
SE8093 : South of Raindale Head by T  Eyre
SE8294 : Kidstye Farm by Richard Cooke
SE7793 : Bend on the track near High Muffles by Anthony Parkes
SE7991 : Farmland by Stephen Horncastle
SE7995 : Extreme Fire Risk by Stephen Horncastle
SE7892 : Farmland and Barn above Cold Keld Slack. by Steve Partridge
SE8195 : Tree Felling Machine in Cropton Forest by Steve Partridge
SE7795 : Fire Pond on Leaf Howe by Colin Grice
SE7892 : Farm on Flamborough Rigg. by Steve Partridge
SE8092 : Track along dale edge by Gordon Hatton
SE8093 : Southern edge of Cropton Forest by op47
SE7993 : The old school at Stape by Matthew Hatton
SE8193 : Waterpale Slack by T  Eyre
SE8294 : Kidstye Farm, from the railway line by Christine Johnstone
SE7993 : Stape Beck by Jonathan Thacker
SE7996 : Black Rigg by Stephen Horncastle
SE8195 : A dip in the road by Gordon Hatton
SE7995 : Keys Beck Road by Pauline E
SE8293 : The Levisham to Stape Forest Drive by Andy Beecroft
SE7794 : Leaf Howe. by Steve Partridge
SE7893 : Life House. by Steve Partridge
SE7992 : Soggy track at Stape by Gordon Hatton
SE7796 : Shooting House in Cropton Forest. by Steve Partridge
SE7992 : Entrance to Stape village by Stephen Craven
SE7795 : Lead Howe Hill by T  Eyre
SE8293 : Levisham Bottoms by JThomas
SE7895 : Forest Track near Wheeldale Moor by Colin Grice
SE8096 : Footbridge over Wheeldale Beck by Jonathan Thacker
SE7896 : Rutmoor Beck from Black Rigg. by Steve Partridge
SE7994 : Cropton Forest. by Steve Partridge
SE7992 : The Ken Ather Outdoor Centre, Stape by Mick Garratt
SE7894 : Low Leaf Howe House by T  Eyre
SE7992 : Village Hall at Stape by Colin Grice
SE8293 : N.Y. Moors Railway from Levisham Moor by Stephen Horncastle
SE8095 : Brown Head (2) by Steve Partridge
SE8195 : Wardle Rigg Farm. by Steve Partridge

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