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NZ2395 : Farmland and woodland near Stobswood by JThomas
NZ2194 : Restored farmland by Russel Wills
NZ2395 : Pond with island by Russel Wills
NZ2294 : Middle Stobswood Farm by David Clark
NZ2294 : Arable field on restored opencast land  by Graham Robson
NZ2394 : Footbridge Over Railway by Weston Beggard
NZ2294 : The Entrance by peter maddison
NZ2394 : Public bridleway crossing restored opencast workings by Graham Robson
NZ2294 : Opencast Coal Mine, Stobswood by Alex McGregor
NZ2395 : Site of a mineral railway by Richard Webb
NZ2394 : Farmland, Stobswood by JThomas
NZ2295 : Looking across the fields to Thistlybutts Plantation by Alison Rawson
NZ2293 : Twisty road to Ulgham Park by JThomas
NZ2293 : Ulgham Park by Gary Stafford
NZ2294 : Rusting relic by Russel Wills
NZ2394 : Minor road towards Felton by JThomas
NZ2194 : Stobswood opencast coal mine by peter maddison
NZ2295 : Pasture at West Stobswood by Russel Wills
NZ2295 : Field entrance, West Stobswood by JThomas
NZ2395 : House on Widdrington Moor by Oliver Dixon
NZ2294 : Location sign by David Clark
NZ2293 : Grazing and woodland, Ulgham Park by JThomas
NZ2394 : Abandoned Factory by Weston Beggard
NZ2295 : Minor road, West Stobswood by JThomas
NZ2294 : New restricted byway across farmland by Graham Robson
NZ2295 : Pylon and sidings by the East Coast Main Line by N Chadwick
NZ2394 : Road junction near Stobswood by DS Pugh
NZ2394 : Power pylon by David Clark
NZ2293 : Road over reclaimed land after opencast coal mining by Russel Wills
NZ2295 : Footpath to West Stobswood by V Roper
NZ2394 : View from a Newcastle-Edinburgh train - farmland near East Stobswood by Nigel Thompson
NZ2394 : Converted Building by Weston Beggard
NZ2294 : Stobswood Opencast Coal Mine by george hurrell
NZ2393 : Northwood Farm by Weston Beggard
NZ2394 : Road and railway from the footbridge by David Clark
NZ2194 : Ponds near Peigh Hills by Russel Wills
NZ2295 : Entering Middle Stobswood by JThomas
NZ2395 : Opencast mining at Widdrington Moor by Oliver Dixon
NZ2394 : Emerging from the wood by David Clark
NZ2295 : Ponds near Middle Stobswood by David Robinson
NZ2394 : Woodland, Stobswood by Richard Webb
NZ2395 : Widdrington Coal Screens by george hurrell
NZ2393 : Restored open cast mining by Richard Webb
NZ2295 : West Stobswood by JThomas
NZ2393 : Farmland north of Ulgham by JThomas
NZ2395 : Widdrington Coal Screens by george hurrell
NZ2394 : Stobswood by Russel Wills
NZ2293 : Gateway to Ulgham Park Farm by Russel Wills
NZ2293 : Farm track at Ulgham Park by Graham Robson
NZ2294 : Stobswood opencast coal mine by peter maddison
NZ2395 : Pond at Widdrington Moor by Oliver Dixon
NZ2294 : Opencast Coal Mine by george hurrell
NZ2294 : Stobswood Opencast coal mine by David Clark

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