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SJ7895 : Stretford, Lostock College by Mike Faherty
SJ7994 : Base of former Stretford Cross by Gerald England
SJ7993 : Narrowboats on the Bridgewater Canal by Gerald England
SJ8195 : Test Match Special by Anthony O'Neil
SJ7993 : Broad Ees Dole Nature Reserve by David Dixon
SJ7795 : M60 bridge over Moss Vale Road, Urmston by JThomas
SJ7994 : Stretford Mall by Gerald England
SJ7895 : Humphrey Park Station by Peter Whatley
SJ7893 : Trans-Pennine Trail, Suspension Bridge over the M60 by David Dixon
SJ7894 : Sevenways Methodist Church by David Dixon
SJ8094 : Bench in the Larry Sullivan Gardens by Gerald England
SJ7993 : Canal and motorway by Gerald England
SJ8195 : Firswood, Rutland Avenue by Mike Faherty
SJ8192 : Tram Across the Mersey by David Dixon
SJ7993 : Fishing Rods on Sale Water Park by R Greenhalgh
SJ8094 : Mist in Longford Park, Stretford by Phil Champion
SJ7994 : Stretford Public Hall by Mike Faherty
SJ8095 : Old Trafford - Greatstone Road by Peter Whatley
SJ7893 : Stretford Wastewater Treatment Plant by David Dixon
SJ7993 : Stretford, waste disposal site by Mike Faherty
SJ7794 : Stretford Road and M60 by Dave Smethurst
SJ8095 : Clearing the Boundary by Anthony O'Neil
SJ8093 : Playing fields south of Hawthorn Road by Phil Champion
SJ7894 : Derbyshire Lane Shops by David Dixon
SJ8195 : Addison Crescent Home Zone, Old Trafford by David Dixon
SJ8095 : Stretford High School by Mike Faherty
SJ7895 : Kellogg's Walkway, Trafford Park by David Dixon
SJ7994 : Stretford, Essoldo Cinema by Mike Faherty
SJ7995 : Waxi by Peter McDermott
SJ7794 : Waterlogged Pasture by david newton
SJ8195 : Old Trafford: two England fast bowlers by John Sutton
SJ7995 : Goods Line towards Trafford Park by Paddy Griffin
SJ8193 : A row of bars and restaurants on Barlow Moor Road by Phil Champion
SJ7994 : Robin Hood Public House by R Greenhalgh
SJ7993 : Footpath, Stretford Ees by David Dixon
SJ8094 : Edge Lane by Gerald England
SJ7894 : Stretford Cricket Club - Ground by BatAndBall
SJ8195 : New stand under construction Old Trafford by Richard Hoare
SJ8192 : Jackson's Bridge, River Mersey by David Dixon
SJ8194 : Chorlton Morrisons and Metrolink Station by Gerald England
SJ8095 : Stretford, B&Q by Mike Faherty
SJ7794 : Railway Road by david newton
SJ8195 : Atherton House, Talbot Road, Stretford by Stephen Richards
SJ7995 : Former canal basin at the Kelloggs factory by Alan Murray-Rust
SJ7993 : Society for Abandoned Animals by Gerald England
SJ7993 : The Watch House Cruising Club by Gerald England
SJ7894 : Sevenways by David Dixon
SJ8194 : Morrisons Supermarket in Chorlton cum Hardy by R Greenhalgh
SJ7894 : Humphrey Park Bowling Green by Melody Maker
SJ8093 : Sepia Hawthorn Lane by Brian Frost
SJ7794 : St Anthony's Catholic College, Urmston by R Greenhalgh
SJ8094 : Longford Park Stadium Stretford by R Greenhalgh
SJ8095 : Great Stone Road Secondary Modern School c.1969 by Dave Croker
SJ7995 : Kellogg factory, Stretford by Keith Williamson
SJ7895 : Kellogg's Warehouse - Barton Dock Road by Anthony Parkes
SJ7895 : Kellogg's Factory, Trafford Park by David Dixon

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