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SX9473 : St Michael's Parish Church by David Dixon
SX9372 : A rowing team bring their gig ashore by the New Fish Quay, Teignmouth by Robin Stott
SX9474 : A glimpse of the sea past Orchard Cottage, 21 Alta Vista Close, Dawlish by Robin Stott
SX9372 : Loading fish into ice-filled bins, Fish Quay, Teignmouth by Robin Stott
SX9574 : Waves near Sprey Point by Derek Harper
SX9372 : Albion St by N Chadwick
SX9472 : Lifeguard board by Alan Hunt
SX9574 : Holcombe : Coastal Scenery by Lewis Clarke
SX9372 : Working boats, Teignmouth harbour (2) by Robin Stott
SX9272 : Bishopsteignton Road above Broadmeadow, Teignmouth by Robin Stott
SX9573 : Breakwater at Sprey Point by Jonathan Thacker
SX9273 : Muddy tracks, Broadmeadow, seen from Mill Lane by Robin Stott
SX9573 : The Channel, from Sprey Point by Roger Cornfoot
SX9372 : Bridge Road from the corner of Riverside by Robin Stott
SX9574 : Sign at Holcombe Cross by N Chadwick
SX9473 : South front of Cambrian House, 81 Dawlish Road by Robin Stott
SX9574 : Holcombe : Rocky Coastline by Lewis Clarke
SX9372 : Teignmouth and Shaldon Bridge by N Chadwick
SX9371 : Shallow valley near Bundle Head by N Chadwick
SX9473 : Approaching Teignmouth Museum and Exeter Road by John C
SX9473 : Mature trees near The Rowdens, Eastcliff, Teignmouth by Robin Stott
SX9372 : Gate No.4, off Riverside  by Robin Stott
SX9273 : Inverteign Heights by David Smith
SX9272 : Mussel beds, Teign Estuary by N Chadwick
SX9473 : Rainbow over the tracks, Teignmouth by Malc McDonald
SX9475 : Fields below Holcombe Down Road, looking towards Dawlish by David Gearing
SX9574 : Smugglers' Lane by David Smith
SX9472 : Teignbridge : Teignmouth Scenery by Lewis Clarke
SX9472 : Christmas tree, The Triangle by N Chadwick
SX9273 : Brook through Broadmeadow industrial estate, Teignmouth by Robin Stott
SX9372 : Bell's Court, Shaldon by Derek Harper
SX9473 : Sprey Point by N Chadwick
SX9474 : Looking down Higher Woodway Road by Robin Stott
SX9272 : The Shipwrights Arms, Shaldon by Rob Purvis
SX9473 : Lower Brimley Terrace by Robin Stott
SX9274 : Teignmouth from Shepherds' Lane by Derek Harper
SX9574 : Hole Head and Shag Rock by N Chadwick
SX9273 : View from Hutchings Way, Teignmouth by Robin Stott
SX9371 : Shaldon Approach Golf Course by Robin Stott
SX9471 : Permian breccia by Alan Hunt
SX9372 : Alley from Bridge Road to Shoreside by Robin Stott
SX9372 : Looking west along Queen Street by Robin Stott
SX9573 : Breakers off Teignmouth by Derek Harper
SX9474 : Bushes by Oak Hill Cross Road by Derek Harper
SX9272 : The information 'board' for the Teign Estuary viewpoint by Paul Hutchinson
SX9374 : Looking up Higher Woodway Road by David Smith
SX9372 : A fishing boat leaves the harbour at first light and in moonlight, Teignmouth by Robin Stott
SX9373 : Bitton Park Road by St James's churchyard by Robin Stott
SX9271 : East end of Brookvale Orchard, Ringmore by Robin Stott
SX9274 : Shepherds' Lane by Derek Harper
SX9472 : Teignmouth Pier by Richard Knights
SX9373 : Teignmouth police office, Exeter Road by Robin Stott
SX9574 : South Devon Railway Sea Wall by Paul Anderson
SX9472 : Teignmouth Seafront from the Pier by Tony Atkin
SX9372 : Teignmouth and Shaldon Bridge by Joan Vaughan
SX9372 : Flowering old boots by Philip Halling
SX9372 : Teignmouth, Devon - Harbour & docks from the Back Beach by Richard Portsmouth
SX9373 : Teignmouth: Bitton House by Martin Bodman

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