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NY1639 : Gate by Alexander P Kapp
NY1639 : Disused Limekiln and Quarry by Bob Jenkins
NY1639 : Farmland near Varnycrooks Beck by David Purchase
NY1639 : Roofless & in poor repair by Matthew Hatton
NY1540 : Road Junction, West Fitz by Adrian Taylor
NY1539 : Threapland village by David Purchase
NY1639 : Lambs shelter from driving rain in the lee of old quarry workings by John Lord
NY1539 : Plumbland Evangelical Chapel by Alexander P Kapp
NY1539 : Village green, Threapland by Ian Taylor
NY1539 : The Last Man Inn, Plumbland by Ian Taylor
NY1539 : Threapland by John Lord
NY1539 : Croft Farm plaque, Plumbland by David Purchase
NY1540 : Fields near West Fitz by Adrian Taylor
NY1539 : Plumbland Evangelical Chapel by John Lord
NY1540 : Open fields, Arkelby by Nigel Monckton
NY1539 : The Last Man Inn by David Purchase
NY1539 : Croft Farm, Plumbland by David Purchase
NY1539 : Chapel, Plumbland by Bob Jenkins

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