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SX9166 : Junction on Combe Lane, Torquay by Derek Harper
SX9163 : Chimneys, Beacon Hill, Torquay by Derek Harper
SX9265 : Horse chestnut, Cary Park by Derek Harper
SX9363 : House on Ilsham Marine drive by John Firth
SX8963 : Torbay-Totnes Trail near Thornhill Brake by Derek Harper
SX9363 : Meadfoot beach, Torquay by Tom Jolliffe
SX9265 : Babbacombe Downs by andrew auger
SX9265 : Sun Temple, Tessier Gardens by Derek Harper
SX9364 : Postbox, Ilsham Road, Torquay by Derek Harper
SX9163 : Fleet valley, Torquay by Derek Harper
SX9364 : Oak, Stoodley Green by Derek Harper
SX9265 : Path leading down to Babbacombe Beach by Ian S
SX9164 : Play area, Ellacombe Green by Derek Harper
SX9065 : Eagle Court, Woodland Road by Alex McGregor
SX8965 : Small barn in Water Lane by Richard Dorrell
SX9065 : New cycle path near Torbay Hospital by Derek Harper
SX9165 : Cat, Torquay by Derek Harper
SX9364 : Toilet block on Ilsham Road, Torquay by Ian S
SX9066 : Knapweed, Brown's Bridge Road by Derek Harper
SX9263 : Reconstruction in Torwood Street by Richard Dorrell
SX9265 : Tennis courts and gardens, Cary Park by Derek Harper
SX9364 : View across Ansteys Cove to Watt Hill by John Firth
SX9065 : Footpath by the reservoir, Torre by Derek Harper
SX9064 : Postbox, Cleveland Road, Torquay by Derek Harper
SX9065 : Limestone slope, Chapel Hill Pleasure Grounds by Derek Harper
SX9265 : View to Babbacombe Beach by Philip Halling
SX8967 : Aller Brook valley by Derek Harper
SX9264 : Steps leading up from Woodville Road, Ellacombe by David Smith
SX9163 : Closed promenade by Derek Harper
SX9067 : Overdale Close by Derek Harper
SX9263 : Torwood Gardens, East end by John C
SX9067 : Orestone Lane, near Daccombe by David Smith
SX9363 : Meadfoot Beach by Derek Harper
SX9265 : Toilets near Babbocombe Downs Road by Ian S
SX9065 : Alexanders by the track by Derek Harper
SX8966 : Scottâs Meadow: view towards Edginswell by Derek Harper
SX9063 : The Grand Hotel, Torquay by N Chadwick
SX8966 : Junction near Cadewell by Derek Harper
SX9364 : Hyper Value, Babbacombe by Derek Harper
SX9263 : Sunset Villa by Richard Dorrell
SX9163 : Grosvenor Hotel by John Firth
SX8963 : Evening sun, Cockington by Derek Harper
SX9265 : St. Marychurch, sailing club by Mike Faherty
SX9263 : Torwood Street, Torquay by Richard Dorrell
SX8966 : Footbridge near Centenary Way, The Willows by Derek Harper
SX8966 : Lager bottles, The Willows by Derek Harper
SX9066 : St Martin of Tours church, Barton by Derek Harper
SX9267 : Field, Watcombe by Derek Harper
SX9065 : Cloud formation over South Devon by Derek Harper
SX9164 : Disused play space, Upton Park by Derek Harper
SX9165 : Bakery shop, St Marychurch precinct by Joan Vaughan
SX8963 : Cockington, Rose Cottage by David Dixon
SX9064 : Torbay Foyer, Teignmouth Road by Derek Harper
SX9066 : Royal Mail Delivery Office, Broomhill Way, Torquay by Derek Harper
SX9265 : Oddicombe Beach, Babbacombe by Gary Davies
SX8964 : Higher Chelston, Torquay by Crispin Purdye
SX9165 : Westlands School, Torquay by David Hawgood
SX9165 : Esso garage, Teignmouth Road, Torquay by Derek Harper

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