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SX8060 : Balti King and Fat Lemons, Totnes by Jaggery
SX8059 : Baltic Wharf, Totnes by David Smith
SX8060 : Dart downstream from Totnes Bridge, Totnes by Jaggery
SX7961 : Trees by Queen's Marsh by Derek Harper
SX8258 : Fleet Mill Reach Mudflats with Vineyard Beyond by Anthony Parkes
SX8060 : Slate-hung buildings, Fore Street, Totnes by David Smith
SX7961 : School by N Chadwick
SX8060 : Totnes Bridge [2] by Michael Dibb
SX7962 : Podpad, Dartington by Derek Harper
SX8059 : Kingsbridge Hill by N Chadwick
SX8060 : Shadows on Babbage Road by Derek Harper
SX8260 : Lychgate at Berry Pomeroy by Paul Hutchinson
SX7962 : Dartington Hall Gardens by Tom Jolliffe
SX8260 : Field of wheat near True Street by Derek Harper
SX8060 : Birdwood House by N Chadwick
SX8260 : Barn, Berry Pomeroy by Derek Harper
SX8060 : Ordnance Survey Cut Mark by Adrian Dust
SX8162 : Bridge over Gatcombe Brook with steps into the water by David Smith
SX7859 : Railings by Eastern Lodge by Derek Harper
SX8159 : Gate on the Cyclepath by Tony Atkin
SX8258 : View at Fleet Mill Quay by Derek Harper
SX8261 : Old Central Cross - moved by Milestone Society
SX8158 : Dart valley slopes from Sharpham Drive by Derek Harper
SX8060 : Christopher Blackhall monument, St Mary, Totnes by David Hawgood
SX7860 : Woodland, Winsland House Farm by N Chadwick
SX7958 : Lane near Lower Bowden House by Derek Harper
SX8060 : Totnes Station by N Chadwick
SX8060 : Teasel, Castle Meadow, Totnes by Derek Harper
SX8062 : Higher Close, Dartington by Derek Harper
SX8161 : View towards Totnes from Bourton by Richard Knights
SX7961 : Cycle path from Dartington by Derek Harper
SX8159 : National Network Cycle Route 28 by N Chadwick
SX8158 : River Dart from Sharpham Drive by Derek Harper
SX7959 : Road junction near Bowden House by Ruth Sharville
SX8262 : Shadows by East Hill Wood by Derek Harper
SX8258 : Tidal lagoon, Fleet Mill Quay by Derek Harper
SX8060 : The Mansion by Shaun Ferguson
SX8060 : Heath's Garden by Michael Dibb
SX8061 : South Devon Railway train at half term by David Hawgood
SX7862 : Dartington Cider Press Centre, The Garden Centre by Neil Kennedy
SX8060 : Totnes Industrial Estate by Derek Harper
SX8258 : Fleet Mill Reach, River Dart by Kate Jewell
SX8060 : Kayak in tidal flow under Totnes Bridge by David Hawgood
SX8162 : Tally Ho, Littlehempston by N Chadwick
SX7858 : Harberton Stream valley by Derek Harper
SX8059 : Field of thistles by the Dart valley Trail by Derek Harper
SX7960 : The Narrows, Totnes by Derek Harper
SX8261 : Lane from Sand Lane into Berry Pomeroy by David Smith
SX8060 : Steam Packet Inn by N Chadwick
SX7861 : The Cott Inn - rear view by Duncan Grey
SX7862 : Dartington Cider Press Centre, Glass Display by Neil Kennedy
SX8060 : Dairy Crest Creamery and the Railway Station, Totnes by Mike Crowe
SX7962 : Dartington Hall Gardens by Derek Harper
SX7962 : Yew Tree in Dartington Hall Gardens by Judith Green
SX8060 : Totnes, A Car on the River Dart by Neil Kennedy
SX8061 : Totnes (Littlehempston Riverside) station on the South Devon Railway by Stephen Dawson
SX8060 : St. Mary's church, Totnes by Laura Whiting
SX7860 : Follaton House - Totnes by Richard Knights

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