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SH7761 : Birch woodland by Jonathan Wilkins
SH7763 : Trefriw Cemetery by Terry Hughes
SH7761 : Wet woodland by Jonathan Wilkins
SH7660 : Mining remains by Jonathan Wilkins
SH7865 : Railway under repair 2 by Jonathan Wilkins
SH7561 : Hafod Arthen by Eirian Evans
SH7563 : Winter moorland by Jonathan Wilkins
SH7763 : View south-west from the Cemetery, Trefriw by Eirian Evans
SH7561 : Mynydd Deulyn by Alan Richards
SH7561 : Hafod Arthen Slate Quarry by Eric Jones
SH7763 : Rickety bridge over the River Crafnant by Eirian Evans
SH7563 : Erratic boulder by Jonathan Wilkins
SH7762 : Jubilee Road by Jonathan Wilkins
SH7563 : Enigmatic ruin by Jonathan Wilkins
SH7662 : View towards Mynydd Deulyn by Jeremy Bolwell
SH7664 : An unnamed top by Ian Greig
SH7661 : Autumn Colours, Llyn Geirionydd by Chris Andrews
SH7761 : Fields above Llanrhychwyn by Jonathan Wilkins
SH7864 : December flood by Jonathan Wilkins
SH7562 : Track above Lledwigan, View towards Llyn Crafnant near Trefriw by Colin Park
SH7561 : Afon Crafnant by Ceri Thomas
SH7761 : Sheep pasture with shadows by Jonathan Wilkins
SH7761 : Hillside with bracken by Jonathan Wilkins
SH7662 : Melin blwm Klondyke / Klondyke lead mill by Ceri Thomas
SH7761 : Snowy path by Jonathan Wilkins
SH7664 : Grinllwm View by Terry Hughes
SH7660 : Giat yn Nhal-y-Llyn / Gate at Tal-y-Llyn by Ceri Thomas
SH7561 : Llyn Crafnant by Eirian Evans
SH7764 : Cefn Cyfarwydd by Eirian Evans
SH7562 : Ruin near Lledwigan above Llyn Crafnant by Terry Hughes
SH7660 : Mine waste dumps by Jonathan Wilkins
SH7864 : The new A470 near Llanrwst (1) by Richard Hoare
SH7660 : Adit on Champion Lode by Jonathan Wilkins
SH7762 : A steep forest road approaching Coed-y-wern by Ian Greig
SH7761 : Upland pasture by Jonathan Wilkins
SH7763 : Old Barn, Gymannog by Chris Andrews
SH7561 : Llyn Crafant by Norman Caesar
SH7660 : Re-purposed flotation plant by Jonathan Wilkins
SH7761 : Footpath with stile by Jonathan Wilkins
SH7662 : Waterfall near Klondyke Lead Mine Ruins by Terry Hughes
SH7564 : Moorland with Livestock Lorry by Eirian Evans
SH7561 : Spill way from Llyn Crafnant by Dave Spicer
SH7664 : Trig point on Cefn Cyfarwydd by Eirian Evans
SH7761 : No mobile signal and you've never got change when you need it by Row17
SH7660 : Llyn Geirionydd, Snowdonia, North Wales by I Love Colour
SH7561 : Llyn Crafnant by Jeremy Bolwell
SH7661 : Ffens ar ogwydd / A leaning fence by Ceri Thomas
SH7660 : Canoes on Llyn Geirionydd by David Medcalf
SH7763 : Trefriw Cemetery by Eirian Evans
SH7763 : Coed Creigiau by Eirian Evans
SH7660 : Llyn Geirionydd by Eifion Bedford
SH7562 : Lledwigan near Llyn Crafnant by Terry Hughes
SH7762 : Parc Coedwig Gwydyr Forest Park by Graeme Walker
SH7761 : Llanrhychwyn Church by Steve Ridgway
SH7561 : Llyn Crafnant by Dave Smethurst
SH7661 : Taliesin Monument at Llyn Geirionydd by Terry Hughes
SH7661 : Taliesin Monument by Steve Ridgway
SH7562 : Cae Crwn Farm near Llyn Crafnant by Terry Hughes

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