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NZ3670 : Long Sands Tynemouth by michael ely
NZ3670 : Bowls pavilion in Tynemouth Park by Graham Robson
NZ3469 : Soil & Trouble by Andrew Curtis
NZ3669 : Queen Victoria by Christine Westerback
NZ3669 : Percy Park, Tynemouth by Chris Heaton
NZ3568 : Bedford Street, North Shields by Andrew Curtis
NZ3670 : Tynemouth Beach by Mark Morton
NZ3668 : Lifeboat and Yacht by DS Pugh
NZ3769 : Road King Edwards Bay & Collingwoods Monument by Christine Westerback
NZ3668 : The Groyne, South Shields by Andy Waddington
NZ3568 : Saville Street, North Shields by Andrew Curtis
NZ3668 : River Tyne by Ashley Lightfoot
NZ3769 : Looking inland along North Pier by DS Pugh
NZ3469 : Preston Cemetery Gates, Walton Road by David Dixon
NZ3469 : Footpath by Christine Westerback
NZ3670 : Footpath to Grand Parade, Cullercoats by Richard Vince
NZ3769 : Bored Lifeguards by Mick Garratt
NZ3669 : Percy Park, Tynemouth by Roger Cornfoot
NZ3670 : Park Hotel, Tynemouth by Andrew Curtis
NZ3668 : Tynemouth Lifeboat Station, North Shields by kim traynor
NZ3370 : Arable land beside Rake Lane by Graham Robson
NZ3568 : Ro Ro ferry on the Tyne by Gordon Hatton
NZ3569 : Preston Road North (A192) by JThomas
NZ3470 : Monkseaton High School from Preston Gate by Andrew Curtis
NZ3769 : Chantry Chapel Window by michael ely
NZ3668 : Herd Groyne Directional Light by David P Howard
NZ3669 : Tynemouth - Arches off Front Street by Alan Heardman
NZ3669 : Huntingdon Place, Tynemouth by Richard Vince
NZ3470 : New School, West Monkseaton by Alex McGregor
NZ3569 : The Spread Eagle, Preston Village by Alex McGregor
NZ3670 : Lost World Miniature Golf by Christine Westerback
NZ3669 : Tynemouth - King's School by Alan Heardman
NZ3369 : "Perfect" Chinese Takeaway by Oliver Dixon
NZ3769 : Coastal Defences, Tynemouth by michael ely
NZ3369 : Shops in St Anselm Road, North Shields by Richard Dorrell
NZ3470 : Morrison's Tynemouth by Bill Boaden
NZ3668 : LARRYS FISHCAKES by Peter McDermott
NZ3470 : Monkseaton  Community High School by Oliver Dixon
NZ3668 : Looking out across the harbour from Little Haven beach by Robert Graham
NZ3670 : Boating lake, Tynemouth Park by hayley green
NZ3469 : Non-Conformists' Chapel, Preston Cemetery by David Dixon
NZ3669 : Statue of Queen Victoria, public gardens, Manor Road, NE30 by Mike Quinn
NZ3470 : North Tyneside General Hospital - main entrance by Richard Dorrell
NZ3668 : North Shields fish quay by Roger Cornfoot
NZ3668 : Dredger on the Tyne by Christine Johnstone
NZ3469 : Business premises in Walton Avenue by Richard Dorrell
NZ3670 : Surfers, Longsands, Tynemouth by hayley green
NZ3568 : 'Wooden Dolly', Northumberland Square, North Shields by Andrew Curtis
NZ3769 : Plaque  at  Tynemouth  Priory  and  Castle by Martin Dawes
NZ3569 : North Road (B1304), Preston by JThomas
NZ3669 : Tynemouth metro station by Stephen McKay
NZ3668 : The Groyne Lighthouse, South Shields by wfmillar
NZ3470 : Rake Lane Hospital by Weston Beggard
NZ3369 : St Thomas More High School, Billy Mill by Alan Fearon
NZ3568 : Christ Church, Tynemouth by Bill Henderson
NZ3668 : Coble fishing boats, North Shields Fish Quay by Andrew Curtis
NZ3769 : Collingwood Monument by Ken Brown

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