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SU3987 : Towsey Memorial by Bill Nicholls
SU4287 : All Saints. Lockinge by Andrew Mathewson
SU3987 : Statue over the entrance by Bill Nicholls
SU4289 : The lawned courtyard in Lains Barn by Steve Daniels
SU3988 : Letcombe Brook through Wantage by Steve Daniels
SU4087 : Raining in the Cemetery by Bill Nicholls
SU4184 : Gallop, Lockinge, Oxfordshire by Oswald Bertram
SU4087 : #87 Springfield Road by Roger Templeman
SU3987 : Statue of King Alfred in Wantage Market Square by Steve Daniels
SU3985 : View towards Wantage by Des Blenkinsopp
SU3885 : Letcombe Regis: Warborough Farm by Stefan Czapski
SU4184 : The Ridgeway: National Trail at Middlehill Down by peter clayton
SU3988 : 'Emerald Hill', Ham Road by Roger Templeman
SU4085 : Field Barn by Des Blenkinsopp
SU4188 : Old Milestone by the A417 in Wantage by A Rosevear
SU4288 : Bramleys Nurseries' Head Office and Training Centre, School Road by Roger Templeman
SU3987 : Betjeman Millennium park by Bill Nicholls
SU3989 : Grove top lock by Bill Nicholls
SU3987 : Centenary plaque by Bill Nicholls
SU3888 : The Iron Works in East Challow by Steve Daniels
SU4287 : The Orangery and other buildings by Des Blenkinsopp
SU3988 : Houses on the right by Bill Nicholls
SU4087 : Memorial Cross by Bill Nicholls
SU4188 : Parsonage Farm House by Des Blenkinsopp
SU4085 : Pale Fields by Des Blenkinsopp
SU4288 : Ardington School by Steve Daniels
SU3885 : Pasture, Letcombe Regis by Andrew Smith
SU4189 : Dates on the Gates by Des Blenkinsopp
SU4184 : Middlehill Down by Andrew Smith
SU3887 : Vicarage Hill in East Challow by Steve Daniels
SU3989 : Footpath to the canal by Bill Nicholls
SU3987 : Commemorative  Plaque by Bill Nicholls
SU3889 : Memorial to Grove airfield by Graham Horn
SU3988 : Benchmark on Grove street by Bill Nicholls
SU4287 : Tree Lined Lane by Shaun Ferguson
SU3985 : Benchmark just destroyed at 'The Downs', Manor Road by Roger Templeman
SU4089 : Root on the wall by Bill Nicholls
SU3987 : Statue of King Alfred, Market Place, Wantage by Brian Robert Marshall
SU3887 : Benchmark on #58 Hamfield by Roger Templeman
SU4186 : Fields from track junction, Charlton Field by Roger Templeman
SU4184 : Looking over grassland towards Wantage by Steve Daniels
SU3888 : Mission Hall, East Challow by Des Blenkinsopp
SU4186 : Goddard's Barn, Lockinge by Andrew Smith
SU3888 : Canal near East Challow by Bill Nicholls
SU4285 : Farmland near Lockinge by Andrew Smith
SU4087 : Cross on the Ground by Bill Nicholls
SU4089 : Tyres in the hedge by Bill Nicholls
SU4188 : Looking over a field towards Lark Hill by Steve Daniels
SU4086 : Chainhill Road to Wantage by Steve Daniels
SU3988 : Ham Road, Wantage by David Howard
SU3987 : King Alfred Statue, Wantage Marketplace. by Colin Smith
SU4087 : Chain Hill cemetery, Wantage by Alec Samler
SU3987 : Old buildings, Wantage Market Place by Rose and Trev Clough
SU4288 : Ardington and Lockinge Community Woodland. by Alec Samler
SU4289 : Lain's Barn by Alec Samler
SU3886 : The Sparrow at Letcombe Regis by Alec Samler
SU3988 : Stockham Farm by Alec Samler

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