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SK2074 : Slurry pond plumbing! by Chris Morgan
SK1973 : Old quarry by Longstone Edge by Andrew Hill
SK2074 : Footpath off Black Harry Lane by Alan Heardman
SK1874 : Chapel at Wardlow by Ian S
SK2074 : Track junction, Middleton Moor by John Slater
SK2074 : Perils of the Peak by Peter Barr
SK1974 : Fields near Wardlow by Mick Garratt
SK1874 : Sheep, starlings and lone tree by Peter Barr
SK1973 : Walking group on Longstone Moor, NW of Great Longstone by Colin Park
SK2074 : Looking eastwards from Black Harry Gate by Neil Theasby
SK2074 : Lake in former mining area on Longstone Moor by Andrew Hill
SK1875 : The hole in the wall by Ian Paterson
SK1875 : "Three Stags' Heads", Wardlow Mires by Neil Theasby
SK1974 : Stile on Dry Stone Wall by Mick Garratt
SK1973 : View fromWatersaw Rake by Peter Barr
SK1973 : Path through the heather on Longstone Moor by Graham Hogg
SK1974 : Footpath towards Longstone Moor by Chris Wimbush
SK1875 : Three Stags' Heads by Bill Boaden
SK1973 : Brick Ruin by Mick Garratt
SK1874 : The south end of Wardlow, with Hey Farm by Peter Barr
SK1974 : Barrow on Middleton Moor by Jonathan Clitheroe
SK1874 : Fields Adjoining Wardlow Village by Jonathan Clitheroe
SK1974 : White Peak landscape by Graham Hogg
SK2074 : Heading towards Middleton Moor by Alan Heardman
SK1973 : Sheep pasture near Longstone Moor Farm by Neil Theasby
SK1874 : The public phonebox in Wardlow by Neil Theasby
SK1874 : Fields surrounding Wardlow by Andrew Hill
SK2074 : No swimming by Peter Barr
SK1974 : Tailing Lagoon, Blakedon Hollow mine workings by Neil Theasby
SK1875 : Three Stags' Heads Inn by Ian Paterson
SK1874 : View towards Wardlow from the east by Andrew Hill
SK1973 : Path across Longstone Moor by Chris Morgan
SK1875 : A623 , looking east by Peter Barr
SK1874 : Four ears by Peter Barr
SK1973 : Start of a footpath across Longstone Moor by Peter Barr
SK1874 : Telephone Box, Wardlow by Mick Garratt
SK1874 : Ordnance Survey Cut Mark by Peter Wood
SK1974 : Gateway and cyclist on the road to Longstone Edge by Neil Theasby
SK2074 : Footpath heading south off Black Harry Gate by Peter Barr
SK2074 : Slurry pond by Black Harry Gate, Coombs Dale by Chris Morgan
SK1874 : Wardlow village scene by Andrew Hill
SK2074 : Broken wall above Rough Side by Neil Theasby
SK1974 : Open countryside near Wardlow by Andrew Hill
SK1874 : Former pub in Wardlow  by Graham Hogg
SK1973 : Isolated pine trees Longstone Moor by Colin Park
SK1874 : Fields towards Wardlow Mires by Andrew Hill
SK2074 : Tailings pipeline at Cavendish Mill by Graham Hogg
SK1974 : Dawn over Middleton Moor by Peter Barr
SK1974 : Quarry lagoon on Middleton Moor by Graham Hogg
SK2074 : View down Rough Side from Black Harry Gate by Jonathan Clitheroe
SK1875 : Wardlow Mires by Peter Kochut
SK1875 : The Yondermann Cafe, A623, Wardlow Mires by Peter Barr
SK2074 : Water-Filled Mines at Longstone Moor. by Roger May
SK1973 : Longstone Moor by Alan Fleming
SK1875 : The Three Stags' Heads in Wardlow Mires by Jonathan Clitheroe
SK1875 : Three Stags Heads by Tom Courtney

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