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NS9563 : Blacklaws by Richard Webb
NS9365 : No through road: yet by Jim Smillie
NS9565 : M8 passing Whitburn by Richard Webb
NS9664 : East Whitburn by M J Richardson
NS9363 : Overburden Mound at Polkemmet OCCS by Andrew MacKinnon
NS9462 : War memorial: Longridge by Jim Smillie
NS9463 : Cairnie by Richard Webb
NS9263 : Golf course development by Jim Smillie
NS9664 : Signpost by Jim Smillie
NS9662 : Bents from outside by Richard Webb
NS9365 : New road, Heartlands by Richard Webb
NS9364 : Site of Polkemmet Colliery by Richard Webb
NS9663 : Patchy pasture at Blacklaws by M J Richardson
NS9464 : Croftmalloch woods by barry
NS9462 : Lintons Farm by Lockie
NS9565 : One-O-Eight Hotel by James Allan
NS9265 : Baillie Mausoleum, Polkemmet Country Park by kim traynor
NS9665 : M8 eastbound at Junction 4 by Colin Pyle
NS9664 : Manse Place by Richard Webb
NS9565 : Farmland near Drum by Thomas Nugent
NS9562 : View from Longridge by Kevin Rae
NS9463 : Removing Polkemmet bing by Jim Smillie
NS9465 : M8 motorway west bound at Whitburn by Thomas Nugent
NS9465 : Wind turbine near the M8 motorway by Thomas Nugent
NS9563 : Gable end at Blacklaws by M J Richardson
NS9265 : M8 westbound, The Horn by Alex McGregor
NS9465 : Lodge Polkemmet No 927, Main Street, Whitburn by Leslie Barrie
NS9662 : Road through Bents and Stoneyburn by Jim Smillie
NS9363 : Site of Polkemmet Colliery by Richard Webb
NS9665 : Land awaiting development? by Richard Webb
NS9263 : Polkemmet opencast coal mine by Richard Webb
NS9562 : Longridge Manse by Anne Burgess
NS9465 : Tippethill, Whitburn by Mike Pennington
NS9466 : Woodland  east of B8084 by Jim Smillie
NS9265 : Polkemmet Horn by Mike Pennington
NS9664 : Woodland path by Jim Smillie
NS9465 : Bridge to bridge by Jim Smillie
NS9263 : Polkemmet opencast coal mine by Richard Webb
NS9566 : Verge beside A706 by Jim Smillie
NS9263 : Whitburn from the air by Thomas Nugent
NS9564 : Sign of spring by Ian Murfitt
NS9562 : W & J Allerdyce by Richard Webb
NS9364 : Whitburn from the air by M J Richardson
NS9565 : M8 eastbound nears Junction 4 at Whitburn by Colin Pyle
NS9564 : Pond beside footpath by Jim Smillie
NS9462 : Longridge, West Lothian by Kevin Rae
NS9365 : Road to M8 J4A by Jim Smillie
NS9665 : Reed beds at Redmill Industrial Estate by Ian Murfitt
NS9465 : Whitburn Crossroads by Stuart Logan
NS9262 : Crane Hillock on Fauldhouse Moor by Greg Fitchett
NS9464 : Grave of Elizabeth Burns, Whitburn Parish Kirk by kim traynor
NS9464 : Whitburn, West Lothian by Kevin Rae
NS9265 : Polkemmet's got the Horn by Simon Johnston
NS9662 : Breich Valley Parish Church by Jim Smillie
NS9465 : Whitburn by James Allan
NS9464 : Grave of Elizabeth Burns or Bishop by Anne Burgess
NS9665 : M8 Junction 4 Bridge by James Allan

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