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NZ3573 : Disused Promenade Shelter by Mick Garratt
NZ3671 : Cullercoats Bay by Oliver Dixon
NZ3572 : Playhouse, Whitley Bay by Simon Cotterill
NZ3573 : Rendezvous Cafe by Oliver Dixon
NZ3671 : Bell tower on the RNLI Lifeboat Station, Cullercoats Bay by Mike Quinn
NZ3472 : Swinbourne Gardens, Monkseaton by Richard Vince
NZ3671 : Cullercoats Bay by Richard Cooke
NZ3371 : Row of shops in West Monkseaton by Bill Boaden
NZ3573 : North along the prom by DS Pugh
NZ3472 : Whitley Bay High School by Bill Boaden
NZ3572 : New houses, Whitley Bay by Graham Robson
NZ3473 : Public Woodland adjacent to the Waggonways by Mick Garratt
NZ3671 : Cliffs at Cullercoats Bay by Mike Quinn
NZ3574 : Promenade towards Curry's Point and St Mary's Island by David Dixon
NZ3572 : War Memorial - Empress Gardens Whitley Bay by R J McNaughton
NZ3471 : South east end of Marmion Terrace, Monkseaton by Richard Vince
NZ3571 : Cullercoats Methodist Church by Weston Beggard
NZ3473 : Davison Avenue, Whitley Bay by Richard Vince
NZ3572 : BMX  Pump Track, Whitley Bay by michael ely
NZ3371 : West Monkseaton Metro station, Tyne & Wear by Nigel Thompson
NZ3472 : Subway under Monkseaton Drive by Chris Heaton
NZ3474 : Path along the coast at the Whitley Bay Mini Golf Course by Mat Fascione
NZ3672 : Promenade, Whitley Bay by Colin Pyle
NZ3671 : Smuggler's Cave, Cullercoats by Stanley Howe
NZ3571 : Whitley Bay Metro Station by Andrew Curtis
NZ3371 : Hunting Lodge, Whitley Bay by Alex McGregor
NZ3573 : The Links by Christine Westerback
NZ3373 : The Beehive Road - Old Hartley by Christine Westerback
NZ3474 : Whitley Bay Cemetery by Bill Boaden
NZ3573 : Whitley Sands from the Northern Promenade by Steve Daniels
NZ3572 : Watts Road in Whitley Bay by peter robinson
NZ3374 : Two Crows on a Dead Tree by Mick Garratt
NZ3671 : View from eroded Tynemouth North Point towards Saddle Rocks by Stanley Howe
NZ3573 : Remains of a sewage discharge pipe by hayley green
NZ3471 : Marmion Terrace, Monkseaton by Richard Vince
NZ3471 : Seatonville Road, West Monkseaton by Oliver Dixon
NZ3473 : The Links by Richard Webb
NZ3472 : Monkseaton Metro Station by Bill Boaden
NZ3373 : Whitley Bay Golf Course by Phil Thirkell
NZ3671 : Browns Bay by Iain Lees
NZ3371 : Entrance to West Monkseaton Metro Station by JThomas
NZ3572 : Marine Park School by Christine Westerback
NZ3572 : New Coliseum, Whitley Bay by Keith Edkins
NZ3671 : I saw 6 ships at anchor by Chris Morgan
NZ3671 : Rockcliff First School, Whitley Bay by Roger Cornfoot
NZ3572 : Whitley Bay Baptist Church by David Dixon
NZ3373 : Woodburn Square, Whitley Bay by Alex McGregor
NZ3572 : Back lane off Promenade, Whitley Bay by Andrew Curtis
NZ3474 : Cyclepath along the A193 Road by Mat Fascione
NZ3371 : Roundabout in West Monkseaton by Oliver Dixon
NZ3571 : Marden Quarry Nature Reserve by Christine Westerback
NZ3372 : The Beacon Public House, West Monkseaton by Alan Fearon
NZ3572 : Spanish City dome by Andrew Curtis
NZ3671 : 'James Denyer' coble fishing boat, Cullercoats by Andrew Curtis
NZ3671 : 'James Denyer' coble fishing boat, Cullercoats by Andrew Curtis
NZ3671 : 'Marilyn Clark III' fishing coble, Cullercoats by Andrew Curtis
NZ3671 : Cullercoats Methodist Fishermen's Mission by Andrew Curtis
NZ3474 : Entrance to Whitley Bay Cemetery by R J McNaughton

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