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NY2327 : Tree in pasture, Underskiddaw by Andrew Smith
NY2126 : View from Barf by Chris Holifield
NY2126 : Path up scree to The  Bishop by steven ruffles
NY2227 : Grazing land at Woodend Farm by James Denham
NY2128 : A66 at Beck Wythop by Colin Pyle
NY2127 : A66 near Hursthole Point by Colin Pyle
NY2026 : The path from Lord's Seat by steven ruffles
NY1927 : Descending Broom Fell by Michael Graham
NY2228 : Skill Beck near St Bega Church by Alexander P Kapp
NY1927 : Summit cairn and shelter on Broom Fell by steven ruffles
NY2327 : Floods near Keswick in 2009 by Adrian Taylor
NY2128 : Forest Track by Michael Graham
NY1926 : Todd Fell by Bob Jenkins
NY2227 : Gate at the north end of Powterhow Wood by David Purchase
NY2126 : Barf by James Wood
NY2028 : Extremely tame deer, Hogg Park by Jim Barton
NY2228 : St Bega church by T  Eyre
NY1927 : On Broom Fell by Michael Graham
NY1925 : Descending Whinlatter by Michael Graham
NY2026 : Descending Lord's Seat by Michael Graham
NY2327 : Little Crossthwaite, Bassenthwaite Lake by Malcolm Street
NY1927 : Fallen trees, Broom Fell by Philip Halling
NY2026 : Gate, Stile and Fence, Lord's Seat by Michael Graham
NY2228 : Allerdale ramble path through wood by Robert Eva
NY1925 : On Whinlatter by Michael Graham
NY1927 : Wythop Valley by Philip Halling
NY2227 : Blackstock point. by steven ruffles
NY2128 : Forest Lodge. by John Holmes
NY2026 : Summit of Lord's Seat by michael ely
NY2128 : Forest road, Wythop Woods by Philip Halling
NY1927 : Northern slopes of Broom Fell by Philip Halling
NY1926 : Below Todd Fell by Mick Garratt
NY2327 : Lower viewing area, lower osprey viewpoint, Dodd Wood by Christine Johnstone
NY2327 : Derwent Foot, Bassenthwaite Lake by Christine Johnstone
NY2126 : Beckstones Gill by Michael Graham
NY2227 : Clouds Covering Skiddaw, Bassenthwaite Lake at Blackstock Point by David Dixon
NY2026 : Cairn on Lord's Seat by Michael Graham
NY2126 : On Barf by Michael Graham
NY2227 : Bassenthwaite Lake from Blackstock Point by David Dixon
NY2327 : View of Dodd Wood across Bassenthwaite Lake by Billy Wakefield
NY1926 : Landslip Aiken Beck by Michael Graham
NY1926 : Dripping Spruce Bud by Michael Graham
NY2228 : The Parish Church of St Bega, Bassenthwaite by Alexander P Kapp
NY2228 : St Bega's Church, Bassenthwaite by Charles Rispin
NY1926 : Aiken Beck by Graham Robson
NY2126 : From Barf by Michael Graham
NY1927 : Broom Fell by David Brown
NY1926 : On Todd Fell by Michael Graham
NY2128 : Rock cutting on the old road near Beck Wythop by Jim Barton
NY2028 : Archery target, Hogg Park by Jim Barton
NY2126 : The Bishop on Barf, above Bassenthwaite Lake by David Gruar
NY2227 : Blackstock Point, Bassenthwaite Lake by David Dixon
NY2028 : Wythop Hall by Philip Halling
NY2126 : Barf from Lord's Seat by Chris Holifield
NY2126 : Scree slope below Slape Crag on Barf by Trevor Littlewood
NY2126 : The Bishop of Barf by Mary May

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