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Change map entry method in V1 V2 submit to mobile method

The co-ordinate input method from m.geograph uses map-moving in place of pointer-moving on a much bigger map. It is easier to use, much faster, and makes better use of screen estate than the original method. I suggest using it to... (read more)

18.4 points

Automatically removed SD definitions from rejected images

See the forum thread I have ended up with SDs still attached to rejected images, and because I cannot access rejected images... (read more)

0.1 points

Calculate how many ungeographed squares are just entirely water

Have recently joined and wondered where the 16% of ungeographed squares actually were as seemed a rather high amount considering the amount of squares some people have covered. And turns out a lot of them are just estuaries and the... (read more)

10.1 points

Improve the website 'documentation'

We currently have a 'hodgepodge' of documentation pages, mainly accessible from there ... this includes things like the FAQ, as well as number of 'articles',... (read more)

4.8 points

Show larger size images during submission

When previewing a submission in a new window (using method v1 or v2) show a larger size image where available, up to 1024px. This will preview the image as it will finally appear on the photo page. Currently, images are shown as 640px.

0.1 points

Accessability enhancements - Submission

My other comments about accessability give the background. All of which then leads on to the ability to acess, or contribute, images for those of us with diminished motor skills, palsy, Parkinsons etc. A "sticky"... (read more)

0.2 points

Accessability enhancements - commentary

We have an obligation, as web site providers (and probably as an educational charity) to make provision for disabled users. We are not a commercial entity, so the Equality Act 2010 may not apply rigorously, but it might well apply... (read more)

20.2 points

Make YOMP and POTY site features

By moving the competitions out of the forums[1] and onto the maintained site it will raise the profile of both, and give summat fresh on the front page. We could ask the hamsters to tweet/FB/snapchat/etc entries and results.... (read more)

4.8 points

Dump the buckets

The buckets only appear on the thumb icon pop-up, and appear to have limited utility. I bet no-one has ever knowingly searched on them. Just make them vanish. Don't even keep tne existing values, they will be too sparse to be... (read more)

· In Progress
10.2 points

Higher Resolution Photo-Viewer

Many photos have a 'larger' version available, larger than the default 640px version. Currently the only way to really 'view' higher resolution version is to first download it (via the 'More' or... (read more)

0.2 points

Scrapbook additions to main images

This comes out of my response to the Mobile App survey, but I have been thinking along these lines for some time. Consider the following: and the two associated photos... (read more)

10.2 points

Expand contact information

We have seen cases where the winner of POTY cannot be contacted to judge the next one. Not, perhaps, terribly important. Other cases might be slightly more. I suggest we give people the opportunity to add more contact details to... (read more)

14.8 points

Contributor Recognition

Following on from [url=]This whimsical account[/url] I would like to propose that we come up with some sort of... (read more)

37.0 points

Retire the grid square discussions

Very few of the grid square comments make sense now, especially as the number of photographs gets into the thousands. I have several suggestions, the powers that be might have others 1. Remove them from individual photo pages, or... (read more)

0.5 points

Submission direct from cloud services

My Phone backs up all my pictures to a google cloud, and can give them links like I have tried that link in the submit page, and it does not work. Similarly Onedrive can be used to back up... (read more)

11.7 points

Requested photos

I would like to see some photos of a particular place or thing. I have checked on Geograph, and there aren't any currently. So it would be useful to have some way to request photos. For requests with a known location, this can... (read more)

1.2 points

Bulk Extract System

We do provide access to raw data but a system could be created to export specific extracts on demand. Eg images matching specific keywords, or of particular area. (so bigger than get from search now, but... (read more)

4.5 points

HTTPS support for

More and more the web is moving to https. Certain browsers features require it, and search engines tend to favour sites with https support. Our server infrastructure needs upgrading to support https across the board. Mainly as... (read more)

· In Progress
2.4 points

Migrate Ireland Photos to use ITM Grid

Ireland have moved to a new standard grid - the Irish Transverse Mercator Grid When Geograph was launched it made more sense to use the older Irish National Grid,... (read more)

16.6 points

New Gazetteer for Great Britain Locations

The OS released a new gazetteer for GB locations. There ware some advantages to migrtating to it, but its a mini-project to do so! See, (read more)

5.3 points

New Gazetteer for Ireland Locations

The Gazetteer we use for Ireland is an old GNS database (the best we found in 2005), now there are many more alternatives. Most of these alternatives are better, but its a project to determine which one (or even multiple!) to... (read more)

3.2 points

Show a line on the map during the submission process

This was discussed in the forum a few years ago and was not feasible at the time. Time has moved on, so perhaps it is more easily do-able now? During the submission process, when entering/clicking the photographer and subject GRs,... (read more)

0.6 points

Automatically post speculative uploads to social media

How about copying ALL speculative uploads to twitter, facebook, instagram etc. With a canned request to help and a link? Would probably only be around one pervmonth, and you never know

0.7 points

Geograph Profile intergrated Comments Plugin

Currently a number of site pages implement the Comments plugin from Disqus. This is done simply for developer convenience, its easy to implement on a site. But the experience for users is cumbersome and somewhat confusing. Need to sign... (read more)

4.4 points

External link redirect table

If you have a look at you will see that the Essex wildlife people are forever moving thier pages about. It's all very well for me to suggest an update, but the original link... (read more)

12.5 points

Make downloading Watermarked images the default

Modify the 'how to reuse this image' page so that people access stamped/watermarked images rather than unstamped ones. A stamped image, means the attribution and mention of CC-licence is included in the actual image file,... (read more)

· In Progress
2.4 points

Restart the bulk transfer to Wikimedia commons

Wikimedia Commons have around 1.4 million of our images, and their version of tagging has thousands of those requiring some attention. Some years ago correspondence with them suggested the first batch was sent to them on a hard disk,... (read more)

6.8 points

Sort out the Education and Schools portal

We have an education remit, but make little of it. The odd school has joined in fitfully. I think we need to think about how to improve it, and capture new members thereby. There have been loads of suggestions already, such as a... (read more)

· In Progress
1.1 points

Make the Irish front page more like the main front page

I think that ( needs to come out of Beta, and to look a lot more like the main front page. That should, of course, include a uniquely Irish POTD

5.6 points

Finish the switch from Categories to Subjects and Tags

A lot of work, perhaps, but it makes little sense having different methods of categorising and the conversion needs to be done. Perhaps the low hanging fruit can be converted automagically, and the remainder (as has been suggested... (read more)

· In Progress
16.5 points

One of everything

Simplify the site! This is the direction development must take if we are to widen our audience, attract new contributors and retain them. Think of the aspirations in the strategy. So... One submission method. One coverage map. One... (read more)

1.4 points

Reverse linking, 'used on'

The chap behind a web site called 'Always read the Plaque' is working on a method of extracting images from our collection to use in theirs. He is doing a good job of the attributions too. See:... (read more)

0.9 points

Camera positions on experimental coverage map

Add a switch to the experimental coverage map to change to a mode where the marker is shown at the camera position instead of the subject position. An added bonus would be if the marker could also show the view direction as on... (read more)

15.0 points

Convert everything to Unicode Charset

Right now Geograph uses a basic charset (Latin1) for storing/processing text, this mostly works, but has limited support for accented characters, ligatures and other special characters, meaning their display is intermittent (sometimes... (read more)

· In Progress
11.3 points

Formalise linking of Shared Descriptions to Wikipedia

In creating a Shared Description I have on occasions merely linked to the Wikipedia article as an alternative to cutting and pasting huge chunks or rewording the article. I thought at the time a more formal method might be neater.... (read more)

22.0 points

Increase the default resolution for photos

It's not 1995 any more. Most people are viewing websites on big, high res screens, so want to see nice looking photos. So increase the default resolution for any photo submissions. Maybe still allow lower resolution for those... (read more)

· In Progress
16.6 points

Tag the Forum

Present way of searching the forum is clumsy, haphazard, unrefined. Tag the lot to be able to find all the wit, wisdom, controversy and helpfulness of eleven years.

27.5 points

Increase maximum upload file size

To keep up with increase in file sizes on newer cameras. (Not necessarily store larger sizes but allow upload without end user having to edit)

14.5 points

Revamp the Sitemap

Geograph has a sitemap, listing many pages But it doesn't list every page, partly because as the number of pages increase it becomes more bewildering and ironically less useful.... (read more)

7.5 points

Allow submission of video files

Would have similar requirements to photos, geolocated and dated, and representative of the area etc, just a video file, rather than a single image. Possibly the image used for thumbnail would be a freeze frame from the video.

6.8 points

Make Panoramas a Supported submission type

We do currently do kinda accept panoramic photos, but there is no specialist support. (and only really works for wider than normal angle shots, not for example full 360 degree images) It would be possible to enhance support for... (read more)

15.4 points

Tagging for shared description

Instead of having to add 'grade II listed' tags to individual photos, for example, make it possible to tag shared descriptions. Toggles on search and browser sorting pages to decide if these tags get 'inherited'... (read more)

44.1 points

Collaborative shared descriptions

Allow editing of shared descriptions by anyone using them on their photopages. Original creator to have the option to permit or deny access, or even to have micromoderation rights over changes to the shared description.

10.9 points

Autoposting new submissions to Social Media

Add hamster activity so that contributors could chose to autopost new images (upon moderation) to twitter, pinterest, snapchat, facebook, slack, tumblr, RSS feed, whatever other social media they use - using the contributors preferred... (read more)

29.4 points


Trusted contributors should be allowed to submit without moderation. There should be safeguards: automatic cross-square or zero range detection for sups, randomised selection of images for actual moderation, addition of an... (read more)

37.1 points

Build a complete mapping interface for Geograph

We've experimented with lots of mapping interfaces, built with different technology, but none of them are 'complete', each have various drawbacks (old incompatible tech, missing ireland etc) - non stand out of being the... (read more)

· In Progress
4.4 points

Fix issue with replacing Larger Uploads

Sometimes when a new 'Larger Upload' is added (or replaced) on an existing submission, the image can become inaccessible (no 'Larger sizes' link etc) Kind of know the cause, but not the solution.

36.7 points

Show Time Taken on Photos

Photo page to show time taken as well as just date. Time taken could be extracted from the exif data attached to the image at upload. There could also be an option to manually enter a time or not enter any time at all.

28.0 points

Responsive web design

Make the whole website design look good on a variety of devices. From desktops with big, high resolution screen, to tablets and mobile phones. ie resizing text, images, columns etc as required. Not a separate, limited mobile site or app.

1.8 points

Create A User Record Of Submitted Photo File Names

During the submission process, offer to maintain a log on the user's device or on the geograph website (link from profile page) to tie the geograph number of the submitted photo to the name of the uploaded photo file on the... (read more)

10.2 points

Write Proper Documentation for the Geograph API

Geograph has pretty good APIs for searching geograph images, but the documentation is terrible. This is a suggest to rewrite the documentation, with ready to use examples, and complete... (read more)

25.0 points

Mobile Optimized Submission Process

A special version of the submission process designed for use on mobile/tablet devices. It has to be as easy as Instagram.

· In Progress
33.0 points

Mobile Application

A mobile optimized experience for browsing and in particular submitting new images - aim to be somewhat as easy as Instagram, with editing tools within the app. In particular would work offline (lack of internet connection). Could be a... (read more)

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