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December 2008
NC9831 : Gobernuisgeach by Calum McRoberts
TF5763 : Boxing Day Swimming by Ian Paterson
SO9422 : Early birds by Jonathan Billinger
NZ3428 : Statue of Neptune by Mick Garratt
November 2008
SD5330 : Deepdale number two portal by philld
SO9163 : Building work for Droitwich Junction Canal by Chris Allen
NZ2463 : All the Tyne bridges by Oliver Dixon
NO6793 : A gate above Ardlair by Nigel Corby
NT1683 : Leavesdropping by Simon Johnston
October 2008
J5081 : Dilapidated buildings, Bangor by Rossographer
TA1228 : Victoria docks goods loading pier by philld
SU7785 : The River Thames, Greenlands by Andrew Smith
NS1980 : Strone Hill from the Firth of Clyde by Thomas Nugent
NS3860 : National Cycle Route No.7 by wfmillar
September 2008
SK5737 : Wilford Suspension Bridge by Alan Murray-Rust
NJ5267 : Wood Mouse (Apodemus sylvaticus) by Anne Burgess
ST4356 : Callow Hill Beef by Ms Dixon
August 2008
J3676 : "Titanic" tours, Belfast (5) by Albert Bridge
NG5113 : Shoreline, Elgol, Loch Scavaig towards the Cuillin by djmacpherson
NX2650 : The Rocks of Garheugh by David Baird
SD6119 : Roller by Dave Green
SE7984 : Market Place, Pickering by David Pickersgill
July 2008
NM7799 : Inverie Bay by Lisa Jarvis
SX8679 : The Dreaded Rain by paul dickson
NY2707 : Pike of Stickle by Mick Garratt
NZ6621 : Lone jogger by Steve  Fareham
NY4495 : Chapel Grain by Walter Baxter
June 2008
HP6309 : Hamar and Baltasound pier by Mike Pennington
SK5244 : Poppies by Lynne Kirton
SX8361 : Trees near Week by Derek Harper
May 2008
NH0074 : Maidens View by Adam Ward
NY3462 : Barley and trees, Rockcliffe by Andrew Smith
NX2573 : Loch Derry and Lady's Smock by David Baird
SX4970 : Buckland Monachorum: river Walkham 2 by Martin Bodman
SU7579 : High Wood, Harpsden by Andrew Smith
April 2008
SE9438 : Rolling Wolds by bernard bradley
NY2020 : Mountain Bikers Descending From the Scar Crags Ridge into Sail Beck by Mick Garratt
TM1839 : River Orwell fence by Bob Jones
NG5431 : Stone conveyers by John Allan
March 2008
TA1725 : Paull's Red Lighthouse by Andy Beecroft
NC5224 : Snowy woolly jumper near Crask by sylvia duckworth
SN6579 : Vale of Rheidol Railway train at Rhiwarthen by John Lucas
NO1351 : Blackcraig Forest by Lis Burke
NS9618 : Lodge Hill by Chris Wimbush
February 2008
SX9292 : Entrance to Next, Exeter by Derek Harper
TA1725 : Birds on Paull's Tidal Lagoon by Andy Beecroft
NX3054 : The Black Loch, winter evening by David Baird
NJ9922 : Ice halos above Foveran beach by Martyn Gorman
SU2491 : Westmill wind farm, Watchfield 1st February 2008 by Brian Robert Marshall
January 2008
NT1818 : Driving the sheep home by Walter Baxter

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