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SW3125 : Sunset over Longships lighthouse from Land's End by Steve  Fareham
SW9277 : Summer sea fret on Daymer beach by Roger Lombard
SZ0789 : Watersports on Poole Bay by Rob Noble
G5377 : Slieve League, Co. Donegal by Christopher Kirk
H6409 : Radiation fog at Maudabawn by Eric Jones
NH9083 : Weather coming in from the West, Seafield by sylvia duckworth
TF8640 : Big sky above harvested field, Burnham Thorpe by Evelyn Simak
TQ3472 : Rainbow over Baxter Fields by kevin roe
J5082 : Rainbows, Bangor by Rossographer
J5082 : Bangor Marina by Rossographer
NG9855 : A drab glen brought to life by a wee bit Scottish weather by Alan Reid
NH9184 : Storm clouds over the Dornoch Firth by sylvia duckworth
SK0994 : B29 crash site on Shelf Moor by Graham Hogg
SD7678 : Ribblehead Viaduct Walk July 2009 - Ribblehead Souvenirs by John S Turner
NG4020 : Heavy shower over Glen Brittle by Richard Dorrell

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