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The Isle of Wight Military Road

The Military Road is the section of the A3055 coast road which starts at Chale in the east and ends at Freshwater Bay in the west offering spectacular views of the Isle of Wight coastline.

The original Military Road dates back to the mid-18th century when it was constructed as part of a defence network. It remained as a private gated road for about 70 years, serving as a link between forts and barracks and fluctuating between private and military use until around 1930 when it was donated to the local council by the landowner. It has been gradually modified and updated to the route in use today, but not on the original track’s position. Due to the location, coastal erosion has necessitated moving the road inland on a number of occasions throughout the road’s history.

Coastal erosion now threatens the road to such an extent that it has been reduced to a single carriageway on a stretch where the road is now only a few metres from the cliff top and there are suggestions that it will have to be closed and/or diverted in the near future (LinkExternal link Isle of Wight County Press 26 March 2010).

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by David Dixon

Created: Wed, 27 Nov 2013, Updated: Wed, 27 Nov 2013

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SZ3685 : Isle of Wight Military Road at Compton Down by David Dixon
SZ4579 : Military Road, Isle of Wight by David Dixon
SZ3585 : Military Road Approaching Freshwater Bay by David Dixon
SZ3784 : Military Road at Shippards Chine by David Dixon
SZ4182 : Military Road by David Dixon
SZ4282 : Marsh Green, Military Road by David Dixon
SZ3785 : Military Road, Compton Bay by David Dixon
SZ3485 : Freshwater Bay by David Dixon
SZ4282 : Bridge over Grange Chine by David Dixon
SZ4281 : Military Road, Brighstone by David Dixon
SZ3983 : Military Road, Brook Green by David Dixon
SZ4182 : Isle of Wight Military Road by David Dixon
SZ3585 : Military Road at Afton Down by David Dixon
SZ4778 : Isle of Wight Military Road by David Dixon
SZ4678 : Military Road near Whale Chine by David Dixon
SZ4082 : Military Road meets the south end of Ridget Lane by Christopher Hilton
SZ3388 : Horse Riders on Hill Lane by David Dixon
SZ3684 : Compton Bay by David Dixon
SZ4877 : Chale, Military Road by David Dixon
SZ4777 : Military Road near Hill Crest Farm by David Dixon
SZ3784 : Climbing up from Compton Beach – 1978 by Alan Murray-Rust
SZ4877 : Phone-box on the A3055 at Chale by Basher Eyre
SZ4281 : Military Road near Marsh Green Farm by David Dixon

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