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A ‘drop box’ is an item of Royal Mail street furniture. It is a receptacle where the postman can securely store part of his morning round, at a convenient location. Sometimes, the Royal Mail van may drop off the postman with his bike and morning deliveries, saving him carrying a heavier load or frequent returns to the sorting office.
Originally drop boxes were attached to pillar boxes and, therefore, painted red to match. Nowadays, they are separate free-standing boxes – usually close to a postbox – generally painted grey, although red stand-alone boxes are also to be seen.
by Chris Downer
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SY6790 : Dorchester: postbox № DT1 164, Baynards Road by Chris Downer
ST3090 : Yellow box and grey box, Graig Park Avenue, Malpas, Newport by Jaggery
SU0702 : West Moors: postbox № BH22 15, Station Road by Chris Downer
ST6416 : Sherborne: postbox № DT9 3, Station Road by Chris Downer
J3875 : Drop box, Belfast by Albert Bridge
SZ0493 : Rossmore: postbox № BH12 218, Worrell Drive by Chris Downer
SZ0387 : Sandbanks: postbox № BH13 238, Panorama Road by Chris Downer
J5180 : Postbox, Bangor by Rossographer
ST8806 : Blandford Forum: postbox № DT11 126, Milldown Road by Chris Downer
SK7852 : Hawton Road postbox (ref. NG24 183)  by Alan Murray-Rust
SZ0094 : Waterloo: postbox № BH17 246, Milne Road by Chris Downer
ST1795 : Royal Mail drop box, Gelli Lane, Pontllanfraith by Jaggery
SZ1394 : Jumpers: postbox № BH23 45, River Way by Chris Downer
J3276 : Pillar box and drop box, Belfast by Albert Bridge
SZ0192 : Parkstone: postbox № BH15 57, Pound Lane by Chris Downer
SZ1393 : Iford: postbox № BH6 170, Ashford Road by Chris Downer
J3070 : Pillar box and drop box, Finaghy, Belfast by Albert Bridge
SJ6552 : Queen Elizabeth II pillarbox and Royal Mail drop box, Millstone Lane, Nantwich by Jaggery
ST2887 : Corner of Western Avenue and Vancouver Drive, Newport by Jaggery
SY6682 : Broadwey: postbox № DT3 103, Dorchester Road by Chris Downer
SY9188 : Wareham: postbox № BH20 295, Northmoor Way by Chris Downer
J3569 : Drop box, Belfast by Albert Bridge
SZ0790 : Bournemouth: postbox № BH4 120, McKinley Road by Chris Downer
SZ0588 : Canford Cliffs: postbox № BH13 129, Cliff Drive by Chris Downer
SK6439 : Shelford Road postbox ref NG12 18 by Alan Murray-Rust

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