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A public park in Southwark, south-east London covering an area of about 33 hectares. Facilities include a cafe, art gallery, tennis courts, sports centre (privately operated) and a bandstand. There was an athletics track but by 2015 that lay derelict.

It is listed grade 2 as a historic park, being created by act of Parliament in 1865. The land had previously been occupied by market gardens, factories and houses. Designed by the architect Vulliamy and landscape designer Alexander McKenzie, Southwark Park opened to the public on 9 June 1869. (extract from statutory listing).
by Stephen Craven
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TQ3578 : Southwark Park: cycle rack by Stephen Craven
TQ3579 : Southwark Park - moon over the mist by Stephen Craven
TQ3579 : Cycling through the park by Stephen Craven
TQ3578 : Funfair in Southwark Park by Stephen Craven
TQ3578 : Southwark Park: open space by Stephen Craven
TQ3579 : Trees in Southwark Park by Stephen Craven
TQ3579 : Outdoor gym in Southwark Park by Stephen Craven
TQ3579 : Southwark Park - disused athletics track by Stephen Craven
TQ3578 : Southwark Park - misty morning by Stephen Craven

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